Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Happiness Challenge: Day 14

Happy 3.14 Day! In a real originality twist, I'm going to write all about my love for PIE! (I always say PIE! in all caps with an exclamation point behind it because, well, it's PIE! Try it.)

True confession: I'll take a piece of PIE! (Is that getting annoying? I'll stop. Just promise to yell the word in your head when you read it, okay?) over a slice of cake any day. Really.

Pie makes me so happy. I'm smiling right now.

Does it look like this dude's eating pie? Not really. But when I searched "pie" on GIFSoup, this came up. And it makes me laugh.

I think my first pie memory is a big, delicious slice of goober pie from Country's Barbecue in Columbus. Do y'all know what goober pie is, or is that just a C-town thing like scrambled dogs and prisoners-as-trash-collectors? Goober pie is peanut butter pie. The crust is made of crushed peanuts and maybe a lot of butter. And it's amazing. Life-changing, actually.

So is the chocolate chess pie (with pecans!) from Country's. Probably my most favorite kind of pie in the world.

Except for chocolate chip pie. Also kind of my favorite. My aunt gave me her recipe a few years ago, but it really tastes better when she makes it. I also like to call this Second Date Pie because once, after a semi-blind date with a guy I sort of met in the bank drive-thru, I fed said date a piece of this. (I mean, not literally fed him a piece of this. That would be 17 kinds of inappropriate.) Anyway, I got another date, and I credit the pie.

Oooh, I also love blueberry pie from Chez Lulu. Mmmm, with ice cream. It'll turn your teeth purple, but it's worth every bite. I split my first piece ever with Sara P., just before we … well, we did something retaliatory and funny and totally girl-bonding and not exactly illegal, but my attorney told me not to talk about it on the Internet. Sorry. But yay! Blueberry pie.

Lemon pie! I love lemon pie, too, the tart, creamy kind. And Leah's rhubarb pie. Turtle pie. Pumpkin pie. Coconut cream pie. Key lime pie. Tomato pie. Pie is so good. I bet Hines Ward totally loves pie.

Just be careful out there. Pie can be dangerous.


Aleesha said...

Do you know that I had NO CLUE the prisoners-as-trash-collectors thing was just a C-town thing until I moved to Michigan?! When I was 21?! We had city-issued trash cans, which was just as confusing as not having men in orange collect the trash that filled said cans. Weird.

People in Canada look at me like I have two heads when I talk about prisoners-as-trash-collectors. Half of that is because I'm convinced they don't actually have prisons here. The other half is because it's not proper to say "trash"... one must call it "garbage", so as to not confuse the junk Columbus' prisoners take away with the inhabitants of Phenix City's trailer parks.