Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Happiness Challenge: Day 8

You all were taking bets on how long before the Hines Ward post, weren't you? Congrats to whomever chose March 8, the birthday of my sweet significant other friend acquaintance imaginary boyfriend! Happy 35th, #86!

I'm not doing a general post about Hines Ward, because that would be silly! This is a specific Hines thing that made—and still makes—me happy, which leaves room for me to blog about him again before March is over. Yeehaw!

DWTS Champions! I was a bag of nerves the night of the finale, and I actually squealed and then fell off the couch when Hines and Kym won. Val was witness.

Probably no one except me will sit through 10 minutes of Hines Ward DWTS footage, but you totally should. I'm partial to his cha-cha-cha because that's the dance I learned with my dad, although—for some reason—ours really looked nothing like this. I also love this song, which further illustrates how much Hines and I have in common. HELLO? We should totally be together. I digress. This clip shows off so much of his sparkling personality and dimples—plus he's wearing red and black in some of his rehearsals. That's no accident, people, he's loyal. Go Dawgs!

This clip is awesome, too, but go ahead and fast-forward to the 2:50 mark. This is one of my very favorite parts, first commentary from Hines' best friend and former UGA WR Corey Allen, and then the greatest quote ever from his mom.


Valerie Payne said...

Bahahaha... Totally forgot about those classic words of death from mom, "You go maybe one gonna fail!" Words of LIFE, Ma, words of LIFE! Good thing Hines rises and shines. Good thing he's your boyfriend too. Sheesh.

Stephanie said...

He is so good to me—such a generous guy. Haha