Friday, December 18, 2009

Everybody who's anybody knows Leah

Leah stopped by today so we could exchange Christmas presents. She embroidered one of my favorite phrases on a T-shirt. Everyone who knows me well has heard me use it. Often. I have it on a sticker on my bulletin board:

And now I have it on my apparel. Behold:

Even her gift tag was hilarious. I need these:

And if you don't know Leah, well, then, too bad for you. Because included with my T-shirt were fudge and homemade sea salt caramels. Mmmm.

These are definitely going to cause a problem at my house.

Thanks, Leah!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Is this tacky?

Because I want one. In the worst kind of way.

Hold on to your pants—it's about to get white trashier.

I think this would look AWESOME on the front of my car! Yes? YES!

Sadly, this festive work of art would set me back $95, and I have better things to do with that kind of money.

(Like buy enough Little Debbie Chocolate Christmas Tree Cakes to carry me through till holiday season 2010.)

(Or I could get my oil changed and buy new wiper blades.)

Oh, yes. 'Tis the season!

I'm having a very merry 80s night.

I just downloaded this.

I'm a little embarrassed for myself.

Oh, wait. No I'm not. I just wish I had one of those little plastic mics like the toddlers have because there is a straight-up concert going on up in my house.