Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Redesign

New season, new look. My summer scheme no longer seemed appropriate, don't you agree? No need to weigh in with your opinion. Mine is the only one that counts. ha ha.


Oh, I should clarify the post a few below for any new readers: My brother is a firefighter, not an arsonist.

Happy Old-School Halloween

Update: I've changed out the video. I didn't watch the other one before I posted it. Sorry for any vulgarity!

Oh, how I miss DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. Shut up. I do.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scary, But He Loves It

This is what my brother was doing at 2:45 this morning.

Coffee Pot Circus

Last night I went to church for our first-ever live CD and DVD recording. I was by myself and I was sleepy, so I stopped off at the free Starbucks coffee line. So let me set this up for you. We have a cafe in our church that sells specialty drinks and snacks, but there are several coffee stations in the lobby set up with free coffee, condiments, and mints. There's a thermos of decaf and regular, so, theoretically, each station can accommodate a double line, but once you get to the front you may find yourself in front of decaf when you really need the good stuff.


I get in line behind several people last night, and then a man walks up beside me. He kind of edges in front of me, but then he asks if I'm in line. I don't know why I would be standing so close to someone else in a line waiting for coffee if I didn't actually intend to get some coffee, but whatevs. "Yes, I am," I replied. He backed off and got in line sort of beside me and sort of behind me.

And then. This woman runs up and gets in line, like, right up on me. Beside me. Not behind me. And I felt pushed. I didn't like it. I wanted to give her a good elbow in the side and be all, "Back off, lady," but then my brain went all WWJD on me, and I felt bad about throwing jabs in the house of the Lord, so I just stood my ground. Although, teeeechnically, I wasn't yet in the house of the Lord. Just in the lobby.

Okay, so it comes my turn, and this woman is still all up on me, and I felt rushed. I mean, I know she just wanted a refill, but a coffee-and-cream refill takes the same amount of time as a coffee-and-cream first cup. Right, moving on. I quickly fixed my coffee—and, may I add, I did NOT get enough cream in my cup and therefore was stuck with bitter coffee because of said rushed feeling—and then I noticed the man from before. He was waiting on me, too, because he obviously didn't want decaf. And before that man could take his turn after me, and while I was still stirring and getting a lid and a mint, that pushy woman reached in and refilled her cup. I almost growled at her, seriously.

It's a good thing we did record a live CD last night, because church lasted two hours, and I needed that time to allow Jesus to settle me down. Free coffee. It brings out the worst in people.

Attention Jefferson Co. Voters

I'm not going all political on you, don't worry, but if you do live in Jefferson Co., my friend has a request for you. Please read below, and decide for yourself, but I think he makes a good case. Thanks!

On the November 4th Jefferson County ballot there is a referendum that will read as follows:

“Relating to Jefferson County, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to specify that a tenant or tenants who receives sewer service shall be solely responsible for the sewer bill. (Proposed by Act 2007-362)” – You will have the opportunity to vote “YES” or “NO.”

Please let me make the case for you to take the time to vote “YES.” Number one it would be a tremendous help to me and my business. If that isn’t enough to convince you, let me explain what has happened in the past. Tenants as they will get ready to leave one of our houses will purposefully pay only the water portion of their water/sewer bill, unbeknownst to us. Since they are paying the water portion, the water never gets turned off. The sewer, of course, has no way of turning off their service (even though they should by now after the “upgrade,” but that is another email!). Therefore, tenants will rack up hundreds, even sometimes thousands of dollars in unpaid sewer bills. Once the tenant moves out, the sewer instead of chasing their client who used the sewer service for payment sends a bill to the landlord. If the landlord does not pay it, then they file a lien against the house for the bill plus fees. Most times the sewer doesn’t even bother to send the landlords a bill. Here is all I am asking you to do, please vote “YES” so that the Jefferson County Sewer can no longer stick landlords with the payment the tenant has amassed.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Link

Go support my friends at Mockingbird.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dear Pottery Barn

These are creepy.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My New Gift Club: Members Only

Okay, I'm totally stealing this from another blogger, but my club is going to operate a little differently. I hope she doesn't get mad at me for ripping off the idea.

I'm going to offer a club membership here on this blog. What do you get for $35? Six months' worth of happy treats in the mail, shipping included. For $60—an entire year. Handmade treats. I'm not telling what they are (and yes, I DO know already), but if you know me, you probably have some kind of idea. My stuff will be bright, fun, and most likely involve at least one item with an initial. Buy a membership for yourself, give one as a gift, or do both. If this is a gift, I'll send you a nice little card to give the recipient.

Checks only, first gift ships December 1 and the first of each month thereafter. If you're interested, please email me at I'll need your money by November 15. Don't be shy. I guarantee your satisfaction! And if all goes well, maybe I'll keep it going. Tell your friends!

I think this will be fun, and I hope you all trust me :) I'm not out to scam anyone. I genuinely think this is going to be exciting. I know I would definitely look forward to a gift that keeps on giving—SIX or even TWELVE times.

Meanwhile, I'll be thinking of a name for my club...

Quirks? What Quirks?

I've been tagged by Lynlee. She asks that I list some of my weirdo tendencies. That was a couple days ago, and I gotta be honest. I haven't been dragging my feet because I couldn't come up with anything. No. I've been trying to narrow down the list. I am freaky.

1. Have you ever seen me rubbing my thumb across my upper lip and sometimes my bottom? Sure you have. I pick at my fingers till I have a hangnail, and then I absentmindedly rub it across my lip. It's usually my thumb, but any finger will do. I've been doing this for a long time, and I'm usually deep in thought or burdened by something when I start.

Okay. I'm a little embarrassed. But I'm gonna keep going. I'm no quitter.

2. I do NOT drink Coke. Can't stand it. I could stomach some Diet Coke if I was dying of thirst, but Coke makes me gag and nearly vomit. I don't really like any type of cola, except for Dr. Pepper (diet and regular). But, really, I'd take a big fat glass of sweet tea any day, especially if it's from Chick-fil-A. After I passed a kidney stone five years ago, I prayed that the cause wasn't tea because I knew I couldn't give it up. It wasn't.

3. I LOVE pickles and pickle JUICE. I will drink it straight from the jar. My grandmother is convinced that this will make me drunk. Drinking pickle juice is the only time you'll ever find me openly disobeying my grandmother.

4. I have super-bad sweaty hands. Like, in elementary school, by the time I got to the bottom of a piece of paper I was writing on, it would be so damp my pencil wouldn't write. It hasn't gotten much better. It's embarrassing, but I can't help it. I will fake a cold and hold a tissue at church sometimes to avoid shaking hands. I position myself between family members so no one has to hold my hand during the prayer.

5. I'm grossed out by warm lettuce, like on burgers, sandwiches, and in tacos. Blech. If the lettuce is cold, like at Wendy's, I'll leave it and eat it. I do, however, eat warm, wilted spinach.

6. I grew up spending lots of time at my grandmother's house and eating lots of her biscuits. I used my finger to dig out the middle of the biscuit that was covered in butter. I'm a little more refined about it these days, but I still don't pick up a biscuit and bite into it. I pull it apart and eat it piece by piece. Old habits die hard.

7. I am the world's worst procrastinator. I thrive under pressure, but usually only after a major meltdown and subsequent lecture and pep talk from my mama. I try, Lord knows I try, but it's a struggle.

8. I'm kind of scared of big dogs. I'm getting better. Slowly. But I'm 30 years old, and I'm afraid of dogs. It scares me when they jump on me and when they lick me and—oh, who am I kidding—it scares me when they look at me. I once jumped into the back of my SUV and pulled the hatch down to get away from two large, overzealous dogs. I was in front of five or six people I'd just met. I did not care. Those dogs were going to eat me.

Okay, per Lynlee's request, let's keep the crazy going. I tag Katie B., Brooke, Nat, and Kristen.

She's Talking About Me

I've been reading Monique's blog for quite some time now. I shop regularly at her former scrapbook store, and we both attend Church of the Highlands. I've been feeling the urge to contact her for some time now, and the two of us finally, officially "met" Sunday night. Check out this post. Every day that I read one of her entries, I learn something new, something I always need to hear right then.

So I think I have a new friend. And I am ever so grateful for her. And for COH, because that church has put some (but not all, hello SPC friends!) very amazing people—friends—in my life.

New Wall Decor

These just came in from Pottery Barn yesterday. I'm super excited about hanging them! Although, I have to paint the dining room first. Oh, and get the keys to the condo. Details, details.

Happy Birthday

Today is Katie's husband's birthday. And she and her sister, Nat, have posted two (three, technically) hilarious videos, so I want to make sure everyone sees them. Have a great day, Justin!

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Wish

I'm thinking of asking Oprah for one of these. I've been wanting one for a long time, and at first I thought I'd just save up all my hard-earned money and eventually reward myself. But then I realized that a) I'll never have enough cash and b) wouldn't it just be easier (and quicker!) to let Aunt Oprah handle this. You know the O loves doing a good deed. Anything y'all would like me to add to her list?

Or should I ask Ellen? I love her a little bit more than Oprah, plus she'd probably have me on her show and then we could dance.

Hmm. The dilemma...

That's FF Z. Gibson to You

I'm so puffed up and proud. My brother graduated from Firefighter I & II and EMT training last week. He's passed numerous physical and written tests—and he's not done yet—and I cannot even begin to tell you how difficult the process was. (A normal EMT training course in college is 12 months. Zach completed all three of his courses in 11.) His ultimate goal is to be certified in dive-and-rescue.

Taking the fireman's oath.

Receiving his helmet from our parents. Zach kissed his mama and got a collective "awww" from the crowd.

All the Gibsons

Trip to Athens

We were lucky enough to have a hotel in Athens the weekend of the UGA/TN game, so off we Gibsons went. The game was just eh, but the weekend was fab. After the game we wound up at Five Star Day Cafe, which is awesome, along with Kaitlynne, who I used to babysit, and her roommate Jessica. Back in the day my parents were used to feeding anywhere from 2 to 10 of my friends when they visited Athens, so I reckon they were feeling a little nostalgic.

Anyway, KK convinced me to stay downtown with her and Jessica, so we headed to On the Rocks because I was so sure I was going to run into Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno. My plan was to have pictures taken with both. And perhaps score a date with Stafford.

Wait. Did I just say that? I mean, he was born three years after my seven-years-younger brother. But dang. He's so cute, right?

So, whatev, here I am hanging out with kiddos that I used to enforce curfew on. I'm sure the dude at the door got a real chuckle when he looked at my ID. At least he checked it.

Enjoy a Big Laugh On Me

Let me get straight to the punch line.

I fell down some stairs Friday night.

It was raining, they were slippery, down I went.

Not the normal way. No. Most folks would've slipped and landed butt first. Instead, I slipped, fell to my knees with my feet under me, and slid down the rest of the way. I am now the proud owner of a bruised and swollen big toe and two gross bruises, one for each foot. On my right foot, the bruise wraps nicely around my ankle, making it supremely uncomfortable—albeit comical—to walk.

Katie called me "special." And even though I know she meant it in a short bus kind of way, I forgive her. Cause I think she's right.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Letter

Dear CVS of Crestline Village:

You obviously need my services. You see, I am a copy editor. An individual who holds correct grammar and factual information in high esteem. It's what I do for 7.5 hours a day. I check behind people. Here's a simple lesson for you. If your store closes at 8 p.m., it is misleading—no, downright wrong—to post the closing time as 8:30 p.m. on your Web site. Because then people like myself, always operating at the eleventh hour but with the best of intentions, will show up to pick up a VIP prescription and a bottle of much-needed Zyrtec at 8:15 p.m., only to pull frantically at a bolted-shut door like a lunatic while mouthing to the very surprised stock boy, "Are y'all closed?" as he nods his head. Clearly, yes.

Stephanie, your slightly more crazy and hive-ridden customer

Faux Bois: Love or Hate?

We're soon going to run a story on faux bois, and I admit: I wasn't into it. Until I saw this magazine stand on the Ballard Designs site. And now I really, really want to have it. But I really, really don't want to pay $129 for it. Because it isn't worth that. I mean, dang. It's faux. I can envision it in my new living room, though, and I'm praying for a sale. The 75% off kind.

Help Me Find This Cotton Wreath

I just big, fat heart it. I know, it's a little different for me. But it must be stylish and in, cause I saw this bridal bouquet over on Lucky Designs the same day I found the wreath. Now, that's a little too primitive for me but still. I spy a trend.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Insults and Creepy Compliments

Earlier today at an antiques store, an older lady started a conversation with me by asking, quite out of the blue, "Before I ask you something, are you pregnant?"

Okay, blink back the tears.

"Uh, no, ma'am, I'm not," I said with an artificial smile.

Well, as she went on to explain, she was trying to compliment my shirt and also tell me that her daughter has a similar one, and someone at the park asked when she was due. Ouch. Her point was that she thinks all the "new styles" are great because you can wear regular clothes while pregnant.

It was all very backhanded. Anyway.

Redemption came later, as I returned to my car in a Southside parking lot. A man in a gold Taurus slowed down as he cruised by to tell me that, hey, he loves my outfit.

Excellent. It's only slightly disconcerting to have strange men approach you in sketchy parking lots. I'll take it.

Home Sweet Home

So I have a new place to live. Whew. Thanks to my very, very awesome friend Julia, I am now the proud renter of a fabulous three-bedroom, two-bath condo located less than five minutes to work and convenient to absolutely everything else. I'm already hard at work with fabric samples and paint chips.

I signed the lease today. This is a huge relief (and blessing). I'm going to have to call Julia soon, though, because, as noted on an addendum that I signed, my servants (except nurses accompanying children) are to make entrance and exit from the building through service entrances, and they will not be allowed to stand or loiter in the halls or corridor or on the stairs, or to be on the roof or in the basement, except on business. I'm not sure where to have my housekeeper enter.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bloggers Unite

Buzz on over to Katie's, and sign up for the Bloggers Ornament Exchange. Should be fun! Note: You gotta have a blog!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Fun Baby Shower

A few of us threw a shower last week for Lindsey. Doesn't she look great?! Almost there! We did a lovely job, if I do say so myself!

Things I'm Looking Forward To

Roll over images for explanations!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Please Read

This movie review. The guy is a friend of Leah's, and he gets paid per page hit. Thanks for helping!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Attention: Dudes, Stop Reading Now

I'm fixin' to write about my most recent purchase.

The NuBra.

Y'all, that dang invention is two self-adhesive bra cups that you stick on your boobies and then hook together in the middle.

I'm not kidding.

My sister has one, and I have a new shirt with the back cut out that suddenly called for one too. So off I went to Macy's. I had no idea all the non-conventional types of headlight-hiders that are available. And I didn't want one of those wear-it-22-ways bras that wraps around your waist and digs into your gut creating various mini-muffin tops around your entire body. So I settled on the NuBra in a C cup. This is important for later.

Okay, first of all, a man invented these, right? I mean, you stick these cups—which will hold their stickiness up to one hundred times—on your ta-tas. Which means when you're done wearing them, you have to peel them off. Of your ta-tas. Ow.

So, first of all, I had to read instructions. I had to read instructions in order to wear my new bra. But read them I did, and then I positioned my nekkid self in front of the mirror to evenly apply the cups. So far so good.

Except when I was done, I had spillover. And spillunder, if you know what I'm sayin'. I'd have been lucky to get one boob in both those cups together. I mean, seriously. I know what cup size I wear. But it was too late. Non-returnable.

So I got 'em on, put on my new shirt, and set off for work. And I felt weird all day. A little bouncy, if you will. I mean, the bra served its purpose just fine, it definitely wasn't coming off. But the jiggle was a little unsettling. I'm sure folks were wondering all day if I was doing a self-exam at my desk. Ahem. And at the lunch table.

This bra is a little high-maintenance too. It's pricey. You have to be really careful to avoid getting any lotion or perfume near your boobs before applying the bra or it'll grody up the adhesive. And after you wear it, you have to wash out the cups with soap and water and let them air-dry before storing them in the box. But let's get to the end of this story.

The peel-off.

It didn't hurt, exactly, although I'd recommend not watching what you're doing. I didn't care to see my skin pull the way it did. Especially the most sensitive parts, okay? Gross.

So, yeah. There you go. TMI? Maybe. But I feel closer to you all now. Right?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Warning: Sappy Post

I am so very, very blessed to have absolutely amazing friends and family. I don't need to go into tons of details here, but you all know who you are and how much you've done for me in the recent months. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you. I am stunned at your selflessness, your generosity, and your love and support. You people are incredible.

All done.