Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quirks? What Quirks?

I've been tagged by Lynlee. She asks that I list some of my weirdo tendencies. That was a couple days ago, and I gotta be honest. I haven't been dragging my feet because I couldn't come up with anything. No. I've been trying to narrow down the list. I am freaky.

1. Have you ever seen me rubbing my thumb across my upper lip and sometimes my bottom? Sure you have. I pick at my fingers till I have a hangnail, and then I absentmindedly rub it across my lip. It's usually my thumb, but any finger will do. I've been doing this for a long time, and I'm usually deep in thought or burdened by something when I start.

Okay. I'm a little embarrassed. But I'm gonna keep going. I'm no quitter.

2. I do NOT drink Coke. Can't stand it. I could stomach some Diet Coke if I was dying of thirst, but Coke makes me gag and nearly vomit. I don't really like any type of cola, except for Dr. Pepper (diet and regular). But, really, I'd take a big fat glass of sweet tea any day, especially if it's from Chick-fil-A. After I passed a kidney stone five years ago, I prayed that the cause wasn't tea because I knew I couldn't give it up. It wasn't.

3. I LOVE pickles and pickle JUICE. I will drink it straight from the jar. My grandmother is convinced that this will make me drunk. Drinking pickle juice is the only time you'll ever find me openly disobeying my grandmother.

4. I have super-bad sweaty hands. Like, in elementary school, by the time I got to the bottom of a piece of paper I was writing on, it would be so damp my pencil wouldn't write. It hasn't gotten much better. It's embarrassing, but I can't help it. I will fake a cold and hold a tissue at church sometimes to avoid shaking hands. I position myself between family members so no one has to hold my hand during the prayer.

5. I'm grossed out by warm lettuce, like on burgers, sandwiches, and in tacos. Blech. If the lettuce is cold, like at Wendy's, I'll leave it and eat it. I do, however, eat warm, wilted spinach.

6. I grew up spending lots of time at my grandmother's house and eating lots of her biscuits. I used my finger to dig out the middle of the biscuit that was covered in butter. I'm a little more refined about it these days, but I still don't pick up a biscuit and bite into it. I pull it apart and eat it piece by piece. Old habits die hard.

7. I am the world's worst procrastinator. I thrive under pressure, but usually only after a major meltdown and subsequent lecture and pep talk from my mama. I try, Lord knows I try, but it's a struggle.

8. I'm kind of scared of big dogs. I'm getting better. Slowly. But I'm 30 years old, and I'm afraid of dogs. It scares me when they jump on me and when they lick me and—oh, who am I kidding—it scares me when they look at me. I once jumped into the back of my SUV and pulled the hatch down to get away from two large, overzealous dogs. I was in front of five or six people I'd just met. I did not care. Those dogs were going to eat me.

Okay, per Lynlee's request, let's keep the crazy going. I tag Katie B., Brooke, Nat, and Kristen.


Brooke said...

You didn't mention the fact that you eat GRATED, PROCESSED PARMESAN CHEESE. Straight. Right outta the dang glass thing they sit on tables at pizza places. And you unscrew the top so you can get a nice big pile.

stephinbham said...

OHHHH. ha ha ha. Omg. How could I leave that. Yes, I do that. And I eat it with my finger. Mmmmm.

Brooke said...

I've seen you eat it with a dampened fork when you're trying to be civilized.

Mom said...

Oh no Steph, you do THAT in front of people other than your fam?

Bowlby said...

I was going to mention the Parmesan cheese too! And what do you call it when you rub a piece of fabric between your index finger and thumb? You do that all the time too.

Oh, wait, the point of this wasn't to expose all of your freaky behaviors, was it?

I also love that you say: "Have you ever seen me rubbing my thumb across my upper lip and sometimes my bottom?"

I think you mean sometimes your bottom LIP. Unless you actually rub your thumb across your bottom, which I prefer not to see.

Bowlby said...

P.S. You stole the warm lettuce thing from me.

stephinbham said...

Yes, Mom. I do. But only in front of my really, really good friends. And I use a fork!

ha ha ha ha. Bowlby. You're dead. Yes. My bottom LIP. And I do "silky" certain fabrics. And I certainly stole the lettuce thing from you. Which makes you a freak too.

MB said...

Confession: I drink pickle juice too. Love it. And once I read that the Georgia football players drank pickle juice to help with muscle cramps, so maybe we're not so weird.

Catherine and Brooke said...

You AND your sis and the "silky-ing!" Does Zach do this too? Too funny!

Catherine and Brooke said...

Oh, and Steph, you could copy/paste #7 on my "quirks" list and move it to #1. Sadly, that is SO me. Right down to the thriving under pressure, having a meltdown and calling Mom to give a lecture/pep talk. I thought I might one day grow out of it (and I think she hoped I did too)...but, nope. I think I'm stuck for life with that little oddity.

Anonymous said...

No, you are not freaky because you love pickles and drink pickle juice...people that don't do that are freaky.. .that stuff is awesome. In fact, I just did it the other day when I was down to a few pickles left in the jar..


Summah said...

Yum, pickle juice! They used to sell it at school food fair-things, like when we had Santa's Secret Shop and such. A nickel a styrofoam cup—what a deal.

Regarding your biscuit habit...when I was a kid, sausage freaked me out, and I always wanted my mom to pick the red flecks out (she would not). She would, however, buy me a sausage biscuit and then take the sausage out (either she or dad would eat it) because I like the sausage taste that it left behind.