Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Ain't Skerred

I'm embracing 30! Look at my cool countdown clock.

Dear Birthday Fairy

I'm going to need the Kate Spade calendar again, version 2009.

(photo courtesy

Tight Rolls Are a No-No

Please, please don't let this trend come back. Ever. Gah. The time it took to get the perfect tight roll on my jeans. And, hello, Katie, you didn't achieve it here! The rolls aren't tight! That's, like, a huge faux pas in the tight-rollin' world. Duh.

Go Away, Jessica

I'm so sick of Jessica Simpson. She's reinvented herself as a country music artist, fine, whatever. Gone is the glam Simpson of the past, now we just have sweet ol' I'm-just-like-you Texas Jess, and it seems she's traded D&G for every plaid flannel shirt and big belt buckle on the West coast. (Who knew there could be so many?) She's fake. And, anyway, y'all know I'm Team Lachey all the way. So, boo, Jess. I don't like your stupid new single, and I'm not listening to you on country radio.

Side note: She says Tony Romo is the first person she "spiritually connects with." WHAT does this mean, and why do stars keep saying it? OH! And she sings a song about abuse. She "doesn't want to talk about it" but she's definitely experienced it. Huh? I am so annoyed with her today.

UPDATE: See? I told you. People are tired of it. Read Jolie's post:

Happy Birthday, Little Zach

Shhh. Don't tell my brother he's on the blog. It annoys him. But today he's 23.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I felt like Petal looks after our walk in the steamy heat the other night. Pooped. I wish it was October!

Baby, Baby, Suck Your Thumb

I can't stand Urban Meyer. The man's face always looks like he has a corn cob stuck up his butt. And he's still whining about Georgia's touchdown dance last year. See it here. The TD dance for which UGA was justly punished and for which Coach Mark Richt has apologized repeatedly, to Urban personally and in a letter to the SEC. And again during SEC Media Days in Birmingham. Sheesh, Urb, bitter much? Even Tim Tebow was classy about it, and you guys know (or maybe you don't) there's no love lost between me and Timmy. Boo. But I do think Coach Richt summed it up quite nicely with this:

"I don't think there's any doubt it's intensified the rivalry," Richt said of last season's controversy. "But what really intensified the rivalry is that we won—OK?"

Okay then.

I'm just gonna keep practicing my Superman dance for the fall.

And read my favorite column about the incident here. For once, someone at the AJC took UGA's side.

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Man, oh, man. Do I ever love this city. More even than NYC. And this post makes me want to have kids and move there really, really badly. Of course I'd also want a townhouse the size of the one on Full House.

Birthday Boy

If you haven't already, be sure to visit Luke's blog to see all the party pics. He's adorable!


I think I may start playing golf just so I can get these club covers, the tee belt and/or change purse, and the shoe bag. Slap a monogram on everything, and, OMG!, I'm good to go. I would totally get hot pink shoes though.

(photo courtesy

Let There Be Light—Now!

Thank goodness for Photo Booth. Now you can see how I spent Tuesday night: catching up on my SL reading with the flashlight I finally found. And, p.s. AL Power, don't say you expect power to be back on by 10:30 p.m. when you really mean 7:45 the next morning, k? I trusted you. Instead I slept in a pool of my own sweat.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A New Low

Um, okay. I ate one of these for dinner tonight. The cheesiness factor is good. The little meat pellets? Not so much. Anyone else?

PS: Add a single-serving container of Pringles, and you have a well-rounded dinner.

Hairy Situation

Why, why, why is it that every time I get my eyebrows waxed at a local nail spa, the little waxer lady says, "And your lip too?" No! Not my lip! Leave my fuzzy lip alone. It's not like it's this bad. You guys would tell me, right?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Take This Test

And let me know how you do. My friend Libby sent it to me. I'm actually a little surprised that I didn't do better (worse?). The "cot" and "caught" question messed me up, I think. I definitely don't pronounce them the same, but I do pronounce "caught" more like "cawght." Y'all know I love my dubyas, hence my pronunciation of "frawg." Ribbit.

Post your scores in the comments.


So, what do we think? I figure this layout can run the course for summer, and I'll choose something more fallish when it's, well, fall. I liked this Cutest Blog on the Block site because I didn't lose all my widgets and extras as I did before.

My other layout came from Pyzam, and apparently they don't want to give up that little header at the top. Anyone know how to get rid of it?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beach Singalong

Fortunately we chose last Thursday to eat dinner at Harry A's, home of the enormous menu: karaoke night.
(Apparently Harry is a bit of a smarty pants, and when a patron asked if the already-large menus could BE any bigger, Harry proved that, yes, indeed they could.)

Aren't my tan lines sexy? Good thing I don't have prom this weekend.

This dude here was really good. And cute. His name is Shane, and he could flat sing. So my fearless sister accosted him and by the end of the night, we were all great friends. I have video of Shane singing, but it won't load. Too darn bad for you. He actually made it through several rounds of auditions for Nashville Star.

By the end of the night we were just totally silly. Must've been all the sun.

Shane is getting a big hug because he indulged me and sang a Kenny Chesney song, even though his voice is much deeper than KC's. It's rather unfortunate that my arm is all mooshed out like that. I'm lifting weights while I type. And I blame the camera angle. Oh yes, I did.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hillbilly Game Night

So, SGI (St. George Island, Florida, for the uninitiated) isn't known for it's hoppin' night life, so we created our own fun.

Start with a bucket o' margaritas.

When said bucket is not given time to freeze properly, empty contents into smaller plastic cups and freeze individually. Who has 24 hours to wait? We don't plan that far ahead.

Start a serious game of Uno Attack. Go buy this game immediately.

(Notice, on the island, no makeup or grooming is necessary.)

And, just to show you how silly we got, I present the following. Warning: It's nasty.

See, my mom loves these Dollar Store gumballs, but they lose flavor fast. Of course, we've been trained to chew two or three for a few minutes, spit out, and repeat. I mean, you get, like 90 for a buck. This was news to my aunt and cousins, but they quickly joined in. And then so did the guys. We whittled down a pretty full Ziploc during the game. And this is our colorful discard pile. Don't laugh at me, either. Three of us took pictures. Whatever. It was late.


Don't you wish you drank coffee every morning with this view? Sigh.

Just Because...

I love my cousins and we took a pretty good photo at the good ole Cantina. We missed you, Mandy!

Jammin', Man

I lose points for this title, don't I?

Back over Father's Day weekend, we all went to the beach, and we wound up at this show called Clutch at The Breakers. There was audience participation, and after the first chosen guy refused to come onstage, the singer guy pulled up Pete. Pete was a pretty good sport. Pete also had dreds on his chin, and that made me giggle.

How did you spend your Saturday night?

I checked out the Birmingham roller derby a few weeks ago with Amy and Sara. It was...something else. The Tragic City Rollers got a beat down courtesy of the Memphis team. All this went down at the Zamora Shrine Temple, the big gold-dome place off I-459. Always wondered what happens there, didn't ya?

photos used without permission, taken by amanda storey; sorry, my video won't load

After we went to the Garage, and as we sat around chatting, I decided I needed a Krystal. And that's when I found out Sara had never eaten one. So we took her. Verdict? She liked 'em. And, bonus: Who knew the Krystal offered free wi-fi? Score.


We almost made it down the stairs with this thing fully loaded. You can imagine my displeasure. I said something like, "Oh, sugar!"

Bonus info: I used to have a hard time spelling "sugar" until my dad told me all I had to remember was the "s" and the "r" because right in the middle was UGA. Go Dawgs! (I always spelled it "suger.")

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Truck Driver

I don't strike y'all as a truck-driving kind of gal, do I? You should've seen me trying to maneuver this thing down the road.

Budding Artist?

First of all, happy belated birthday to my cousin Jessica. She turned 21 Monday. We're all down on St. George Island for the week. We went over to Apalachicola for dinner, then back to play a little Pictionary. Check out Jess's masterpiece below. We didn't get this one. I'll post the answer in the comments.

One hint. When Jessica's sister, Jennifer, yelled out "octupus," Jess said, "close!"

Yeah, not so much. I think Ione has us beat.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

At the Beach

And our house doesn't have wireless. Oh, the humanity. I have some good photos to share. Anyway, I'll try to post soon!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


This MacBook is addictive.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Good Deed

I found some more money tonight. And credit cards. I was putting away my buggy at Target when I noticed someone had left their Coach wallet in another buggy. Coach wallet, I assume, means big bucks inside. And maybe an Amex black. ha ha. I almost just left it there, but then I was afraid someone would come along and steal it. So I walked that wallet all the way back inside to guest services, even though it was time for me to be at Leah and Heinz's house for dinner.

Now see? I am totally a good person.

I Guess Everyone is Cashing In...

On the apple bottom trend. Even Macy's.

I'm a Granny

According to the Wii that is. I took the fitness test. I laughed, scoffed even. I bowled like a [decent] champ. I hit a few tennis balls.

And then I missed Every. Single. Baseball. I didn't hit one. Didn't even come close.

The verdict? I'm 80.

Here's a little perspective. My sister is 59. My grandfather is 43.

If I could capitalize numbers, you would've read that like this: FORTY-FRICKIN'-THREE. MY GRANDDAD.

But I'm newly addicted to the bowling. And I'm good. Got a few turkeys, even. I want a Wii.

I Have a Big Fat Crush

On Bill Hemmer. I've mentioned it before, you know, he goes with my Wedding Bell Blues song. But the flame was recently reignited when I saw him on TV the other morning. Yum. I'm willing to overlook the slight—okay, okay—13-year age difference. Okay, fine. 14 years.

Just My Luck

Yesterday I had to make a quick stop at World Market, and as I got out of my car, I totally spotted a $20 bill on the asphalt. There were no other cars around, no people. Just me and the crumpled up bill. So I took it. Is that wrong? Should I feel bad? Because I don't. I mean, where would one even turn in found money that's in the middle of a deserted parking lot? I'm sure I got captured on hidden camera for one of those shows about people who find stuff and steal it, but I don't think I care.

Alert: New Pet Peeve

Don't you think it's rude when you are standing in a long line at, say, The Hob, and when another register opens, people behind you scurry over to the new short line? Isn't the person next in line to be checked out supposed to be helped first?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Interesting—to me, at least

I've had to factcheck the spelling of "Doritos" twice in the past two months at work. And only one time was I actually working on a recipe. Doritos has a weird site. Check it out.

It's a lot of effort for a Web site about chips.

Breast Cancer Isn't Funny

But this bumper sticker is. Especially when you see one on the back of an old lady's Mercedes SUV.

Driving to the Lake

I look like the Unabomber, don't I? It was the only way to keep my hair out of my face and my eyes open. By the way, my grandparents are totally cool—check out their weekend ride!