Thursday, July 31, 2008

Go Away, Jessica

I'm so sick of Jessica Simpson. She's reinvented herself as a country music artist, fine, whatever. Gone is the glam Simpson of the past, now we just have sweet ol' I'm-just-like-you Texas Jess, and it seems she's traded D&G for every plaid flannel shirt and big belt buckle on the West coast. (Who knew there could be so many?) She's fake. And, anyway, y'all know I'm Team Lachey all the way. So, boo, Jess. I don't like your stupid new single, and I'm not listening to you on country radio.

Side note: She says Tony Romo is the first person she "spiritually connects with." WHAT does this mean, and why do stars keep saying it? OH! And she sings a song about abuse. She "doesn't want to talk about it" but she's definitely experienced it. Huh? I am so annoyed with her today.

UPDATE: See? I told you. People are tired of it. Read Jolie's post:


Bowlby said...

I saw a headline on today that said Jessica "loves to be in love." How newsworthy!

Brooke said...

seriously. get a grip, CNN.

Leah said...

She's just willing to jump on whatever genre bandwagon she can get away with. She couldn't make it as a pop princess.

Summah said...

come on, steph. abuse is so IN right now.

and I apologize for that comment. but it's true.