Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm a Granny

According to the Wii that is. I took the fitness test. I laughed, scoffed even. I bowled like a [decent] champ. I hit a few tennis balls.

And then I missed Every. Single. Baseball. I didn't hit one. Didn't even come close.

The verdict? I'm 80.

Here's a little perspective. My sister is 59. My grandfather is 43.

If I could capitalize numbers, you would've read that like this: FORTY-FRICKIN'-THREE. MY GRANDDAD.

But I'm newly addicted to the bowling. And I'm good. Got a few turkeys, even. I want a Wii.


Bowlby said...

My mom has reached Pro Status on bowling. I'm sure she'll be bragging about it any minute now...

Robin said...

dang it. I was just getting on here to brag that I am a pro bowler but Katie beat me to it.

But yeah, I'm a pro. Don't want to think about how many hours I have devoted to it, but I am pretty pretty proud of it.

Brooke said...

Dude. Get a Wii.

What are turkeys???

Bowlby said...

Turkey = 3 strikes in a row

lindsey said...

Did I hear correctly that there is beer pong for the Wii....ummm this is something that I think I could do well in--maybe now I need a Wii:)