Monday, July 21, 2008

How did you spend your Saturday night?

I checked out the Birmingham roller derby a few weeks ago with Amy and Sara. It was...something else. The Tragic City Rollers got a beat down courtesy of the Memphis team. All this went down at the Zamora Shrine Temple, the big gold-dome place off I-459. Always wondered what happens there, didn't ya?

photos used without permission, taken by amanda storey; sorry, my video won't load

After we went to the Garage, and as we sat around chatting, I decided I needed a Krystal. And that's when I found out Sara had never eaten one. So we took her. Verdict? She liked 'em. And, bonus: Who knew the Krystal offered free wi-fi? Score.


Mom said...

What, never had a Krystal? She is seriously deprived. I am glad you took care of that. If she hasn't had a Krystal before, has she ever eaten boiled peanuts? If not, you must make sure that she does.

amyb said...

The next roller derby is the weekend of the 30th! I'm thinking of trying out for the team. I just don't get slammed into and knocked down enough in every day life.

stephinbham said...

Huh. Mom, I'm gonna have to investigate that.

And, dang it, Amy, I'll be back at the beach. Please video!

Bo Knows said...

Did you update your blog at the Krystal? If not, you should next time... FYI, I've never had either. Maybe I'll have to try them out while I'm here... if you aren't too busy party planning!

stephinbham said...

OH! I didn't even THINK of that, Nat. Next time. Say, this weekend, when we go to get you some Krystals!