Saturday, November 29, 2008

On Holiday

Enjoy the post-Thanksgiving redesign while I enjoy a little post-Thanksgiving shopping in Nashville with the fam. See you on Monday!

P.S.: I did NOT door-bust Kohl's at 4 a.m. Did anyone else?

A Few of My Favorite Things #9

Beautiful baubles from Kate Spade. I covet one of these shiny bracelets but Santa's will have to reach deep in his pockets for one (as for all things Kate Spade). A girl can dream.

Friday, November 28, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things #8

Mah friends. If these don't make you want to throw together a tiny-food party, well then I don't know what will. It is necessary that I own a collection of these fab little plates. Oh, the to-die-for factor is off the charts here. Order here, now.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Perhaps You Didn't Hear Me

I don't understand why some drive-thru employees [I'm talking to you, Wildwood Chick-fil-A] don't respond when I thank them for my food. It's not like they're too busy or not paying attention to me, and it happens often.

I pull up, hand over my money, and...silence. Receive my change/card, receipt, and...silence. Food hand-off, I reply with a thank you, and...silence. I mean, come on, now. That's just rude. I know you heard me, saw my lips moving, and alls I get is a blank stare.

Dude, I'm sorry that you have to be working the drive-thru and all, but that's not my fault. In fact, it might not be long before I join you, although Publix is my first stop. All I ask for is a smile with my extra pickles. It's not hard. I even went first, just acknowledge my friendliness.

I guess what I don't get is that it's not in my nature to just ignore someone who speaks to me, especially if that person is being gracious towards me. And trust me, I am always gracious at the CFA window.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You

Are you getting excited? First gift for club members ships December 1! I hope y'all are as pumped as I am! Thanks to everyone who is participating! I am thrilled with the response and am keeping my fingers crossed for total satisfaction. Remember to direct any complaints to my assistant.

A Few of My Favorite Things #7

Dang adorable, these are, especially for all of us (myself totally included) bookish types. Bookworm Bookmarks only $7 for a pack of 20 (5 of each design). My favorite? "Unputdownable." Get them here, and pick up a pack for me too. I mean, it's only fair. I told you about them.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For All You Crazy Kids

Have you seen this? The mini Guitar Hero? Only $22. I love that you can "strum on the run." Katie, it's calling your name.

A Few of My Favorite Things #6

Love these. Love, love, love them. So cute, totally affordable. Flowers in a Can from Fred Flare.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Calling Volunteers

I need someone to host a bonfire in their backyard. I think most of you know why. It's almost time. I've been through just about everything. I'll provide the hot dogs and s'mores ingredients for afterwards.

Please Don't Eat the Apples

This weekend was The Market, which is my Junior League placement. I was in charge of stage events. On Thursday I was there to coordinate Neal Hunter Hyde's performance (He is awesome, btw), and as I sat in the audience, I observed a man walk over to one of the tables with his laptop. Maybe he had a booth at the show, I don't know. But he sat down, opened up his computer, glanced around, and then grabbed an apple.

The apple that was sitting atop a wire-and-metal vase in the center of the table.

Because it was a part of the centerpiece.

And then, with another glance around, he bit right into that apple. Over and over again. Till it was nothing but a core. Seriously. This man sat down and ate the centerpiece.

I still can't believe it.

A Few of My Favorite Things #5

I don't think anyone thought I'd leave out the 2009 Kate Spade Desk Calendar.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Who's With Me?

The Killers have announced tour dates. I will not miss out due to someone else's schedule like I had to last year. Two options: January 30 in Atlanta or January 31 in Nashville. I'm not picky. But I know I can't count on two of my closest friends...haters.

A Few of My Favorite Things #4

Cute, cute pajamas [pa-jah-mas for my Yankee readers]. I need some for Sara's birthday slumber party next month, and I love all of these. A little pricey, yes, but I never said my favorite things were budget-minded. I mean, I'm not :) Besides, everyone needs one good pair of fancy pjs. You know, for when company comes.

Pine Cone Hill Kimono White Flannel Pajamas

Bedhead Red Poppy Mandarin Hipster Pajamas (also available in pink)

Bedhead Pink Tulips Voile Cotton Pajamas

This site, Sleepy Heads, also has couples pajamas. Lame? Please. I can think of nothing more adorable. And if a man is willing to wear matching sleepwear, that's how you know he's a keeper. Duh.

And, just for fun, these are totally awesome. It was hard to pick a favorite. Tons more by Cicciabella here. I would totally wear these to The Pig to pick up milk. They're more fabulous than my Uggs. Yeah. I still wear them.

Cicciabella Cowgirl Buckaroos Chocolate Brown & Hot Pink Slipper Boots

The site is offering free shipping with a $75 purchase + a free robe with a $150 purchase. They also offer a PJ Perks Club. I'll be joining.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things #3

This Nap Sac Travel Blanket and pillow in one. I used this on my flight to California in August, and it's awesome. (Of course, mine is pink.) The zipper pack turns into a pillow. You just blow up the inflatable pillow and zip into the pouch. The blanket has a pocket to hold your iPod. If you travel, you need this!

This Bugs

On the radio this morning, a car dealership manager came on during a commercial and announced that he "personally" called in to tell us listeners about his sale.

This is annoying.

I hate it when people say they "personally" did something. It's as if ordinarily they find themselves too good for something, so by their personally doing something, we little people should be impressed. Hey, Mr. Car Dealership Manager, you are no better than me! In fact, your business is your livelihood. You should be personally calling in. Same goes for celebs. Come on now. How would you feel if I sent you an invite to a party at my house and said that I, personally, would be preparing the food and hosting the party? See? Annoying!

More Ornament Exposure!

This time from the Snapdragon. Gasp! Your eyes aren't deceiving you. I made an Auburn ornament. I can't believe it either.

A Few of My Favorite Things #2

Well, now, this Klip Kitchen Timer from The Container Store is just too cool. (They have the best stocking stuffers!) Unnecessarily fancy? Probably. But that's what a wish list is all about. I'll take it! (In red.)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Girl Beyonce

You know how some people call me Beyonce? No? Well, they do. I guess it fits. We can both be rather fancy sometimes. Anyway, I love, love her new song, "If I Were a Boy." Man, I—er, she—can sing. You like?

A Few of My Favorite Things #1

It's that time again. Time to showcase some Christmas gift ideas that I love. Happy shopping!

That Laptop is Mine! from The Container Store. This accessory has a sleeve to hold a business card, a pocket to store a notepad or calculator, and a pen holder. It comes in pink, green, or brown. Love this.

Check Me Out!

Those are my ornaments in this ad. See 'em? Right there on the tree. Woot, woot!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where Hast Thou Gone, oh Wit, Humor?

Some readers have expressed concern that this blog is becoming a site for my home-decorating projects.

Oh, just kidding. No one has. But I'd just like to clarify that the charming dialogue which endears me to all of you will resurface. It's just that there hasn't been much chance to run over nuns or catch a nude beach scene here lately, what with all the manual labor going on.

Moving Day

I can't believe it. My brother came to town to help me move a few things, and when I got off work Tuesday, he, Laurie, and Kate had moved nearly everything in. Even the really heavy stuff—washer, dryer, armoire, buffet. THANK YOU!

And now, I have a lot of work to do. Am I finished painting, you ask? Why no. No I'm not.

I was in such a daze when we packed up back in June that I'd forgotten my sister was doing everything she could to make me smile. I do remember that her box labels were hysterically funny to both of us. Even our mom, who would normally STILL swat our behinds for using vulgar language, laughed.

Yeah, I'm not planning to cook for awhile.

My brother and Kate made a pit stop at Wal-Mart. I came home to all this loot + a Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card. Shucks. My family rocks!

Love? Hate? Love to Hate?

I don't know. She's been looking good recently.


It's a good feeling when $20 puts you just over half a tank. It's been a long time.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Don't Forget

I am accepting memberships for the gift club through Saturday. If you want to join and haven't yet mailed your check, don't worry. Just email me so I know to count you in. You don't want to miss out!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Condo Updates

Laurie came to town and we got some work done this weekend.

We—okay, mostly she—recovered these cornice boards that were left behind. You can see the partially painted blue walls behind this one. I love the color.

She also primed a red wall while I painted the blue room. I made fun of her short strokes.

We also finished painting Pear Green behind the flatware silhouettes on this wall so the brighter color would show behind them. Then we hung up the silhouettes.

And the hand towel curtains in the kitchen. I was trying to choose between two options from Anthropologie, and my sister liked them both together. I do too. It's fun! Haven't painted the walls just yet.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Roasted a Chicken WARNING: Gross

Every self-respecting Southerner knows how to roast a chicken, and my time came this morning. Katie used a recipe that we're running in January to roast a chicken last week, and then she and Luke brought me some of the soup she made with it. Delicious! She said it wasn't hard, so I bought two 5-pound roasting chickens last night, ready to do this thing. (You want to know how too? Buy the January 2009 issue of Southern Living. Sorry, folks, desperate times call for desperate measures. If I go giving away our secrets for free, I might not have a job.)

Opening the raw chicken. Ew, just, ew. I have no problem with raw beef. But raw chicken still looks like a...chicken. I shed a tear, had a moment of silence, and then pulled it out of the package. Shudder.

I pulled this little plastic thingy out. I have no idea what it is or what it's for. I hope I didn't need it because it's gone now.

Katie's innards were in a little bag inside the chicken. Mine were not. I almost quit. But then I pulled these out. I don't even know if that's all of it. Or too much. I might've pulled out some good meat. I wasn't taking any chances.

I lovingly patted on the salt, pepper, and garlic powder mixture. Sorry, little chicken.

Then I melted the butter and olive oil in Sara's Le Creuset. I really want a Le Creuset dutch oven for Christmas. A red one.

Cooking. This is actually chicken #2. I forgot to take a picture of the first one in the pot.

And—drumroll, please—the finished product.

So the meat is falling off the bone, and it looks moist. Plus I have some really good broth for homemade chicken noodle soup. But, I don't know. It was an involved—and rather disgusting—process when I could've just bought a rotisserie chicken for $4.99. (These little roasters were seven bucks each!)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Papa Joe Strikes Again

Oh Lordy. Read this article. This man. Sheesh. He's so...creepy.

My favorite part is how he refers to Pete Wentz as a "great parent." Even though he doesn't yet have a child.

Full of Class, I Am

Today we had a copy desk lunch at Chez Lulu. I haven't been in a long time, and it was so, so tasty. I had garlic soup and a fromage tarte. Then most of us ordered dessert. Mmm. And coffee. Chez Lulu had a chocolate espresso pots de creme on the menu, and I'd been wanting to try one, so that's what I ordered. Exactly like it looks.

POTS (as in "pots and pans") day crim. Yeah, I went all French on the last part.

Then Katie asked me what I ordered, so I announced it to the table. "Pots day crim." So sophisticated.

And that's when Paula said, "Do you mean "po" [as in Po Folks] de creme?"

Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

It was too funny to even think about being embarrassed.

Ha ha ha ha. What a hillbilly I am.

Ahhh, potato, potahto. Either way, the verdict? Deliciousness. Highly recommend.

Mudge & Molly Rock!

Kristen of Mudge & Molly Little Linens called today to tell me that the craft room bedding for the daybed is ready. She and her company have been so great and such a pleasure to work with, so I just wanted to give them a little shout-out!

Duh, Stupid

I got attitude from the Shell cashier this morning. Not. in. the. mood. I needed a $10 bill, so I stopped to grab a Diet Dr. Pepper and break a twenty. I was trying my best not to be grumpy—difficult for me at 8:15 in the morning—and I handed over my cash and politely asked for a $10 bill.

I didn't say, "May I have 10 dollars. I specifically used the term 'bill.' " Okay?

The cashier looked at my money, and then looked up and stared at me blankly. And then she kept staring.

Finally, she said, like I was the biggest idiot in the world, "I mean, you're getting $10 back."

Fool, I know that. I wanted to point out that I had a college education and that she was a gas station cashier. But that's mean. And, with the state of the economy, there's a good chance I may be a college-educated gas station attendant in a few months myself. Besides, maybe she does have higher education. Who am I to judge?

So, instead, I just gritted my teeth, smiled tightly, and said, "Yes, of course. But I just want to make sure I get an actual $10 bill versus several fives and ones. Thanks."


I Want a Bichon Frise

I mean, who wouldn't? Plus, they're hypo-allergenic. I don't think I am allowed to have pets in the condo, but if I could, I'd totally get myself one. That way I'd have someone to talk to besides, well, me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Manual Labor

Tonight I met my college roommate, her husband, and two kids for dinner. They are in town from Macon, Georgia, for a few days. We ate at Zoe's right near the condo, so I stopped by afterwards to do a little work. I set a deadline of 10 p.m. for myself and was quite pleased that I left at 11:05 p.m. Ha ha. But, seriously, alls I did while I was there tonight is tape off trim. I mean, for TWO hours. And I didn't even finish—but I am close.

I plan to go back in the morning before work and put a coat on the trim. What? You're all laughing because this sounds so ridiculous coming from me? That's because it is. But I'm going to try. I'm feeling rather motivated. Go ahead and make fun. Brooke already did. Yeah, this coming from the girl who struggles to get to work by 9 a.m.

And yes. I know it's pathetic. But I get so much done after 9 p.m.! I mean, dudes, it's midnight and look how bright-eyed I am.

Let's Play a Game

Okay, I'm seeing lots and lots of hits from cities and states where I know I don't know a soul, and I love it! So, let's see all the places you're all from. If you are checking out this blog—first-timer or regular reader—please post a comment with your city and state. Come on, I want 100% participation!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sneak Peeks

Here are a few in-progress shots from the condo. I (and my posse) painted the walls Celadon Green from Benjamin Moore with Decorator's White on the trim. It's probably not super clear from the photo. Sorry.

And the new dining room rug: brown houndstooth. (Cram it, all you Bama fans. This isn't black and white, and there's no red in sight.)

Dining room fabric samples:

Guest room fabric samples to go with this Garnet Hill quilt in vanilla. Blue walls—Icing on the Cake from Benjamin Moore.

Craft room fabric samples. Eventually the bedding will look like this on this bed.

And, finally, living room fabric samples. Yes, it's clear I have become fascinated with green.

More to come. Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Word to the Wise

Avoid any mention of today's football game to me.

You've been warned. I ain't happy. Not at all.

Halloween Brouhaha

I've had several holiday soirees in the past few days. Enjoy the photos.

Katie threw a party last week. Check out her creativity.

On Halloween night I stopped by to see Luke. Isn't he the cutest Bam Bam ever?

Then on to Amy's for some amazing gumbo and a visit with Southern Belle Kate, who turned into a witch at 7 p.m.

After pigging out, Katie, Drew, Sara, and I headed to the hilarious Christopher's improv show. It was FUN-ny.