Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Brouhaha

I've had several holiday soirees in the past few days. Enjoy the photos.

Katie threw a party last week. Check out her creativity.

On Halloween night I stopped by to see Luke. Isn't he the cutest Bam Bam ever?

Then on to Amy's for some amazing gumbo and a visit with Southern Belle Kate, who turned into a witch at 7 p.m.

After pigging out, Katie, Drew, Sara, and I headed to the hilarious Christopher's improv show. It was FUN-ny.


Anonymous said...

No one else has commented but I just wanted to say...looks like a Stephanie party. Can't wait to meet you. Steph, you would think Luke is your baby! He is, of course, adorable. And, I have not met him yet either.

katie said...

Can't wait to meet you either, Mama Gibs! (May I call you Mama Gibs?)

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie....of course you can, but my friends call me will have to ask Stephanie about that.