Friday, November 14, 2008

This Bugs

On the radio this morning, a car dealership manager came on during a commercial and announced that he "personally" called in to tell us listeners about his sale.

This is annoying.

I hate it when people say they "personally" did something. It's as if ordinarily they find themselves too good for something, so by their personally doing something, we little people should be impressed. Hey, Mr. Car Dealership Manager, you are no better than me! In fact, your business is your livelihood. You should be personally calling in. Same goes for celebs. Come on now. How would you feel if I sent you an invite to a party at my house and said that I, personally, would be preparing the food and hosting the party? See? Annoying!


amyb said...

Plus isn't it sort of difficult to do something without doing it personally? I mean, how do you do something if not personally? If someone else is doing it then you are not doing it! Sheesh, when are they going to let us run the world already and fix all the stupid?