Friday, November 30, 2007

If You Live Up North...

This stocking stuffer is for you. Even when we do get snow down here, it's usually not enough for a snowman. But this is super cute and fun for kids. Or kidlike adults. Whichever. Kit includes: eyes, corn cob pipe, button nose, and a hat. Get it at

And take a picture for me.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shellfish Shooters

This was pretty cool. At Abacus in Dallas they have something called Lobster Shooters. The waitress brought our lobster dumplings in sake cups, and then she poured a coconut-curry sauce on top. We drank/ate them in one gulp, just like a shot. They were really good. Too bad I can't say the same for the salty sea bass.

For dessert I had Godiva Chocolate Soup. I ate it before I had a chance to take a picture. I think you can all imagine how divine it was, though.

After dinner the courtesy Mercedes R350 from the hotel picked us up. We thought we were ballin'. Actually, maybe it was just me. But whatever, it was fun. And free.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sweet Suite & Good Trip

We stayed in the most awesome hotel this week in Dallas. The Palomar, check it out. (The bed already has wrinkles on it because I flopped down across it before I took the photo. Yes, I am a hillbilly.)

I got a little bit excited about the free amenities you could request. Here I am lounging around in the signature zebra robe and the slippers I had brought up. You can't see it, but I'm laying on a heating pad that was also delivered upon my request.

We also went out for Sara's birthday. I was a picture-taking fool.

We were driven to Monica's Aca y Alla in a Cowboy Cab. (The restaurant was too far away for the Mercedes.) Our driver on the way home talked just like Fat Albert. He was hilarious. He kept eavesdropping on us and then making comments about our conversation.

Sara's friend Tori and her new boyfriend joined us. He kindly took our photo.

Ouch, No Thanks

This is a description for a spa treatment from Exhale Spa in Dallas. The treatment is Cupping, and it is obviously normal to leave with bruises. I can't imagine this is very popular.

I opted for a relaxing facial instead, although the 20-minute extraction process was not pleasant, so maybe mild bruising would have been more enjoyable.

I passed on the recommended $80 pore cleanser. If someone can't see my dirty pores without a 20x magnification mirror, then I feel pretty clean.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Crazy for Christmas Decorations

I started putting up the Christmas stuff Sunday night. Here's a photo of the pink bedroom tree. It's not the one that's been up all year. I found these super cheap stockings at Michael's and then had my friend monogram them. They say "Naughty" and "Nice."

I was kind of mad that the weather had gotten warm again, so I turned the air-conditioner down low and put on a sweatshirt and some holiday pj bottoms from Old Navy. Then I cranked up the Christmas music and lit the Frasier Fir candle.

Oh, and the presents are fake. I just had gift wrap leftover from a work project, and the colors were too perfect for this tree. So I wrapped up some empty boxes.

What? Everyone doesn't do this? Scrooges.

We've Been Elfed!

Leah found this site, and I gotta say, it's pretty hilarious. I did it last night, and we laughed so hard. Especially because the only photo I had of Sean was with his sunglasses on.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hate When That Happens

I have a hard time saying, "I'm sorry." Really hard. Come on, y'all, who wants to admit they're wrong? Not me.

I've developed a habit of offering a sheepish grin and a, "Do you want to be friends again?" to Sean after an argument. Rarely do I have to dig down deep for an actual apology because he mostly lets me get away with this.

But last night I messed up. We were cleaning up and putting away clothes and stuff, when Sean yelled up front to me, "Hey, Steph, have you seen my ties? I can't find them." Because he is always asking me where things are (his razor, this paper, that random thing), I was kind of annoyed. Like, "How should I know?" annoyed. So I kind of snapped back ever so slightly that I wouldn't have any idea where his ties are because I have no use for them.

Then I remembered. I had taken all of his ties and put them in a bag to take shopping so my mom and sister could help me match up shirts. Oops.

I had to say I was sorry. For reals. It went a little something like this.

"Hey, um, I, uh, I need to apologize to you. Because, um....

And if you know me, you know I said it that fast too. And since last night, I've been listening to Sean replay the conversation for me, only I think he's way over-embellishing my snottiness.

A Few of My Favorite Stocking Stuffers

Stainless Steel Shredding Scissors (, $8.99). More compact than a paper shredder and perfect for cutting up all of your receipts! Love these.

Boo Boo Gel Packs (, $9.99 each). You can chill these or heat them up to use on sprains, aches, and pains.

Tie Caddy (, $6.99). This clear plastic tube keeps ties from wrinkling. Roll it up in the clear plastic tube, and store in your drawer. Several of these would also be good for traveling.

PS: I don't know why the photos are so wonky. They always look normal when I preview the posts.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Petaurus Breviceps

Better known as Sugar Gliders, or, Pocket Pets. These are a little bit cute, a little bit creepy. I can't post a photo or I'll be unable to keep my breakfast down. These little things were being sold as pets at The Market this weekend. I'm a little concerned because these animals live for up to 12 years, and they can "glide" (read: fly) around the house. The marketing was geared toward children, and I really think kids would end up hurting these marsupials, although not on purpose. One little girl who was with her grandparents (they had a booth) got two! She was really gentle with them and had them in the little pouch you're supposed to wear. I just don't know.

I was totally shocked when I found out they cost about $400 each too! You do get a discount on pocket pet #2. Go check them out, and let me know what you think:

A Few of My Favorite Things #6

I love this, plus I really, really want one for myself. And let's get real, it's the only thing at the Kate Spade store that I can actually afford. I'm a little shocked it doesn't cost more! Here I present the 2008 Kate Spade Desk Calendar ( + selected retailers, $20).

A Few of My Favorite Things #5

How many times have I needed one of these while traveling?! I love this little iTurbo iPod Charger ($29.99, Here's a description.

Add up to nine hours of playtime to most iPods with this battery-operated charger. It provides immediate power and also charges the iPod battery for future use. The advanced design regulates the flow of energy to protect against overcharging. One AA battery included.

A Few of My Favorite Things #4

I'm digging these 12 Days of Christmas ornaments. I like the set from Crate & Barrel ($39.95) and the set from The Land of Nod ($39.95). If you have kids, it would be fun to hang one ornament on the tree for 12 days, kind of like a countdown. I'm into that kind of stuff.

I really wanted the C&B ones last year, but when I got ready to order them they were sold out. I've been given a second chance!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Too Little, Too Late

I'm really lusting after this enamel ring that J Crew sold last year (only $15). It can be stacked with other colors. They have the enamel bracelets this year, but I already have some. If any of you know where I could find some version of this ring at a price I can afford, help me out!

And...too bad Anthropologie carried this Fuffle ornament last year. It would be perfect for the swap.

In case you're wondering, I found both of these items on archived posts on Oh Happy Day. I told you I love that blog.

A Few of My Favorite Things #3

These quiz books make really cute stocking stuffers. They have other titles too, including a pop culture one. (Barnes & Noble, $5.95).

Ellen Wins!

It seems most of us think it's okay for Ellen to tape her show during the writers' strike. Hey, she's doing it for the fans! Kaaa!

New Show Alert

I'm love, love, lovin' "Samantha Who?" on ABC. It's great to see Melissa McCarthy on TV again too. I loved her on "Gilmore Girls." Anybody else watching this show? I hope the writers can keep it fresh and interesting for more than one season. I've gotta get a new TV before this Monday's episode!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Not Funny...But Sort Of

Okay, I'm not condoning or laughing at vandalism. But this letter we got from the leasing office today made me laugh just a teeny bit. It seems there have been a few incidents recently. I guess some hooligans have cause a little car damage and vandalized some part of the leasing office. Okay. Not cool. But you have to admit, this part is pretty inventive.

"This past weekend a resident's car was maliciously covered in barbecue sauce in the middle of the night."

Barbecue sauce. Really? Whatever happened to eggs? I would be totally ticked off (and beyond) if this had happened to my car though. That can't be good for the car monogram.

A Few of My Favorite Things #2

These letterpressed cards are actually done on a very thin wood, and the cards are eco-friendly. Someone I know from work makes them. I bought these three from our holiday bazaar. I told Katie not to let me buy anything, but luckily she was a total pushover. I'm not sending these to anyone; I'm going to clip them in place card holders and set them out somewhere. Aren't they lovely? Visit to buy some for yourself or as a gift.

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

You know the holidays are here when Hershey's rolls out the Cherry Cordial Kisses and Starbucks switches to holiday cups.

Like my photo styling?!

Listening to the TV

That's right. Our TV is fried. The sound? Why, it works perfectly. But there's no picture. Anyone have a recommendation for a good TV and/or the store with the best prices?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things #1

I sort of stole this idea from the Oh Happy Day blog. I'm going to post some Christmas gift ideas. I mean, you wouldn't read my blog if you weren't a tiny bit interested in my opinion, right? Here's the first one. It's a Thymes Frasier Fir candle. I love this one so much. They are a little pricey ($24.95), but I'm telling you, you've never smelled anything better. I think I'm going to splurge on a big one this year (

Someone Tell Santa...

I want this book for Christmas. Real bad.

My New Shoes

You all seem to like the photos, and I don't have any good stories here lately, so here are a couple shots of my new favorite shoes. I got them in California at a store Brooke discovered called In Her Shoes. It was delightful. And, yes, that's a chip on my toe. The only drawback of the Lincoln Park polish. Any of you locals need a pedicure this weekend?

Inner Peace

Um, what the heck are "New Age Beverages?" They sound illegal and highly habit forming. This is the aisle sign I saw at Bruno's today.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My little brother got hired by the Columbus (GA) Fire Department today! This is the career he really wants, and he's worked and trained super hard to achieve his goal. I'm going to pretend like I'm not freaked out (just a little!) because we need good firemen and I shouldn't be selfish. Congratulations, Zach. And remember, only you can prevent wildfires.

My Buddy

Luke and I got in a little quality time last week. He loves me very much. Isn't that why babies spit up on you? Right?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Georgia vs. Auburn

Monday, November 12, 2007

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Yesterday, while I was in Columbus, the kids my sister, brother, and I have babysat and half-raised walked into the same restaurant where we were eating lunch. Kennedy, my not-so-secret favorite, was patiently putting up with my tight hugs and hundreds of kisses. I finally said, "I can't believe this! I haven't seen you in so long!" He looked at me, kind of rolled his eyes, and said, "Well, I've really just had a lot going on."

Gotta say, it kind of hurt my feelings a little bit that a 7-year-old is too busy for me!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Well, Well, Well

Looks like we did it again. 45 to 20.

Pictures to come. I took a bunch. The black jerseys were awesome. I didn't get into any fights this year, and I still have my voice. It went away last night but is back today. And my dad totally let me rack up at the bookstore. Sweet.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm So Immature

So tonight I went to hot yoga with Sara for the first time. You do regular yoga in a room that's heated to 85 degrees. During a particularly hard pose, where our butts were in the air and then more advanced people went into a headstand, a man (I'm assuming) let out a little pffft. That is my worst nightmare! Everyone but me, of course, carried on business as usual. I giggled like a 12-year-old.

And at the end, during the relaxation period, someone fell asleep and started snoring. ha ha ha. I don't know if I can go back!

Monday, November 5, 2007


These aren't exactly opinions, but I thought I'd let you know the last couple of songs I downloaded off iTunes. I guess that means, in my opinion, that these are good songs.

1. 4 In the Morning (Gwen Stefani)
2. If Looks Could Kill (Camera Obscura...thanks, Brooke!)
3. Stronger (Kanye West)
4. California (Phantom Planet)
5. Fall (Clay Walker)
6. So Small (Carrie Underwood...I know, I know)
7. Apologize (Timbaland)
8. Never Wanted Nothing More (Kenny Chesney...mmm, love him)
9. Pre-purchased the new Killers CD

What does this mix say about me? I lose points for titling this post "Jammin'" don't I?

The Golden Gate Bridge

This structure is magnificent! Thanks to the sweet man who took our photo and perfectly captured the pooch my shirt and the wind are making. That's my story.

Lovely Napa

It truly is like a postcard. Enjoy. I hope to post a slideshow soon, but I want to use iPhoto and that's only available at work.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Still Rocking the Lincoln Park After Dark

That's right. I went all the way to Cali for a pedi. It was fantastic. Brooke and I went for the long pedicure. The only odd thing was the drill-like tool they used on our feet. Huh.

Anyway, don't I look wildly relaxed? I wasn't even thinking about work. I'd had too much three-cheese fondue at this great French place around the corner. Course after the pedi I did something very Alabama: I wore those fake flip-flops right on into Wal-Mart...with my jeans rolled halfway up my legs. Hey, it was raining!

Ready for Christmas!

I can't wait to put out all my Christmas stuff! I even got a few new things this week. This is my absolute favorite holiday. And, of course, I already have one tree up (as you know). This is a photo of the wreath I'm going to make soon. We ran it in one of our magazines. I bought more traditional colors for the wrapping paper. I'll post a photo of the finished product.