Saturday, January 30, 2010

Indulge me

Like I said on Facebook, I live in a sea of crimson and houndstooth. (Which, btw, I'm taking back. No team can just call dibs on an entire pattern, okay? Let me wear my houndstooth in peace.)

Dudes. Sorry. But our coaches are cuter than your coaches.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was working through my morning coffee-and-news routine the other day: AJC, a couple of local newspapers,, various sports sites and blogs, the Today show. Fourteen cups of coffee. (Which, side note, have become fancier since I no longer have to get to work by, uh, 9ish. I have plenty of time to use my Aerolatte frother on my French vanilla cream. Hello, poor woman's cappuccino.)

(But nothing will ever taste as delicious in my coffee as one of Leah's homemade marshmallows.)

(No pressure, Leah. Just sayin'. I mean, she did give me the recipe.)

Anyway. I was very busy learning all kinds of newsy stuff that makes me a superstar at cocktail parties when, lo, a revelation delivered by US Weekly. (Whatever, okay? Sometimes my intellectual brain needs a break and I troll the gossip sites, usually after I've watched a thought-provoking episode or two of The Girls Next Door.) Right, so, the revelation.

Kate Gosselin and her new extensions, blah, blah, blah. Apparently she hates them. Because, according to USW: (Proof: A ponytail is often the look women who hate their hair resort to.)

Uh, yeah? Wonder how scientific that research was. I love a ponytail: high, low, side. Most gals I know do too. Is it convenient? Sure. Easy on a bad hair day? No doubt. Perfect for the gym? Of course. But I wouldn't say I wear a ponytail because I hate my hair. I mean, I've been known to rock a sleek ponytail at a dressy event. No one seemed horrified.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When I find that special someone

I'm watching another Hilary Duff movie (no judging, I come here for acceptance), and I just heard the line of the century.

"Love is friendship on fire."

Oh hells yes.

I can't wait to use this. I hope I can keep a straight face when I gaze deep into some dude's eyes and free those five special words from my lips.

Adult video

Okay, gutter minds, not that kind of adult video. But unless you're ready to explain this to small children, watch during nap time. I have no idea who sent this to me, but I found it while cleaning out old files on my laptop. I haven't stopped laughing since Monday.

*I love the end when the officer apologizes. Again.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Back with a vengeance

That's right. Nothing and then—bam!—two posts in one day.

My friend posted this on his FB page, and I think it's pretty hilarious. (I know non-Georgia readers might not appreciate it quite as much as the natives will.)

Pardon the salty language in a few spots. It's still funny.

*I'm a big fan of the UGA presence in this video, and I know my sister will enjoy the nod to Wesleyan around 4:18 or so.

I know, I know

I am a crappy blogger.

The fact is, there isn't much blog-worthy action to report on when you loaf around by yourself most of the day.

Not having a job—while once kinda awesome—is now kinda boring since football season has ended, the holidays have come and gone, and I have no more road trips on the books.

Boo. I love road trips.

Boo. Road trips cost money.

(I'd rather not eat than not go on road trips.)

Which brings me to: my new weight-loss plan. It's called the Unemployment Diet. Turns out, when you sleep from 2 a.m. to 10 a.m. you aren't really hungry for breakfast. And when you eat lunch around 2 or 3 p.m., dinner isn't usually much more than a snack. This really cuts down on the monthly Publix bill too. (Which then supplies money for road trips.)

Hooray for silver linings!

Talk soon, peeps.