Friday, May 9, 2008


I forgot to turn down the volume on my cell phone after I got back from an errand, and several of my coworkers were just treated to a rather loud ringtone of Fergie's Glamorous. (This means it was my sister calling. Those of you who know her know this is an appropriate ringtone for her.) She always calls me on my cell phone when I'm at work. Sister, do you hear me? Stop doing that! Because sometimes your sister turns into a flake and forgets to set the EnV to silent mode and then the whole darn office hears me fumbling around trying to turn that volume down NOW! It made Libby laugh pretty hard, and I'm sure it was a pity laugh. As in, "I can't believe you have that song as your ringtone" kind of laugh.

17 is Enough

The Today show just did a teaser about that lunatic family with 17 children. Evidently they are spending Mother's Day weekend in NYC, and they have a "big announcement" (that's a direct quote, Amy, not air quotes...don't worry!). I swear, if that woman is pregnant again, I'll...I don't know what. But I'll be mad.

Thursday Night TV

If you don't watch The Office, you're dumb. Go here for a recap.

Lost & Found

I haven't seen a full-size Green Apple Jolly Rancher in years. Normally, I'm not a big candy fan, I just love chocolate. But these I can't resist. I bought a bag of miniatures a few weeks ago, and there was only one Green Apple in the whole bag! So wrong. When I finished this, I had a green tongue. I tried to take a picture, but it was gross, so I spared you all.

Blast From the Past

And then I had dinner with Leah and Heinz; Katie, Justin, and Luke; and, for a brief moment, Sean. The flash on my camera was melting Luke's smile.

So Many [Cute] Babies, So Little Time

Now if this face doesn't make you want to play hooky from work, your heart is made of stone.

I had lunch with Julia and her sweet baby on Tuesday. The verdict: Total charmer. He turned on that smile every time I looked at him. And he has a better tan than I do.

PS Julia totally had on a green shirt too. And she was carrying a green diaper bag.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yes, Thank You. Very Helpful

Conversation between me and the Smoothie King girl after I notice there is a new flavor, Pomegranate Punch, which is making me rethink my usual Angel Food, hold the turbinado.

me: Is the new Pomegranate Punch flavor good?

SK girl: Yeah. I mean, if you like pomegranates.

As Sean pointed out, that's like asking a waiter if the burger is good and he responds, "Yeah, if you like ground beef."

And, I DO like pomegranates. Love them, actually. However, I did not love the new flavor. It was at first very sweet followed with a mouth-puckering tart taste. Too syrupy tasting for me. I prefer the lighter flavors of strawberry and banana.

Please Vote

It has recently come to my attention that every one is not as enamored with Usher's new song as I am. Of course, I am also a big fan of Young Jeezy, so this song had to be a winner. So, what do you think about "Love in This Club"?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Obligatory Culinary Shots

Katie, I almost forgot. I know you love it when I post pictures of my food.

Delicious fried cheese with capers in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mmmmmm.

And delicious chocolate mousse and Vietnemese coffee at the Vietnemese restaurant in Corpus Christi, appropriately named Vietnemese Restaurant. I'd never had this before but it's so, so good. Our waiter brought a mug filled halfway with sweetened condensed milk, over which espresso was being brewed. When finished, I stirred the coffee and milk together and then poured it over ice. I probably clogged three or four arteries, but it was kind of worth it.


Here's something I need help with, readers.

Why is it that eggs are full of cholesterol and, as of this month, not that great for you. But chicken (certain parts) is one of the leanest meats around?

I need someone smart to explain this to me. K? Thanks.

Welcome to Corpus Christi

There ain't a whole lot in this town, folks. Except the headquarters for Whataburger. But the Gulf was pretty and our photo shoot went really, really well.

The awesome house we shot. *I should clarify that these are not the professional styled shots, but ones I took after the fact. Laurey and Scott's work looks much more amazing.

We walked out on this jetty into the water. I totally thought it looped back around in front of our hotel. And it did. There was just 50 feet or so between a point where the jetty dropped off into the water and where it picked up again. So Laurey and I turned around and walked back the way we came.

And the view from our hotel.

Yoda lay, Yoda lay, Yoda Yee Hoo

And then it was off to the Blue Ridge Mountains for a long weekend. The weather was lovely and the company even better. I only got mildly freaked out in the hot tub the first night after realizing that we were on the ground floor in the open air and any one could slice and dice us and no one would hear our screams.

I also saw a wild turkey and a real drive-in. Both cool.

Goodbye to You

A lot going on here lately, what with work, work trips, and the very last finals for Sean! Gonna do a series of posts with a few pics because I don't have the patience to sit here and load a slideshow!

We had a going away party for Cindy a couple of weeks ago. She left us for the wide open spaces of Texas. San Antonio to be exact. I didn't get many pics at the party because I was too busy holding Luke, who, as you can see, partied like a rock star.

There was also a going away party for Sara, who left us for aqua waters and balmy breezes on the coast. She is technically only a hallway and a building away, but her work trips are going to be much more exotic now.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Don't Want to Live Here

How does the last image in this slideshow help you want to buy this house?

Know what it says to me?

It says this home will never be completely cat hair-free. If I moved in I would probably be subjected to some awful, horrible allergy attack and wake up dead. The end. So, no thanks.