Friday, November 7, 2008

Full of Class, I Am

Today we had a copy desk lunch at Chez Lulu. I haven't been in a long time, and it was so, so tasty. I had garlic soup and a fromage tarte. Then most of us ordered dessert. Mmm. And coffee. Chez Lulu had a chocolate espresso pots de creme on the menu, and I'd been wanting to try one, so that's what I ordered. Exactly like it looks.

POTS (as in "pots and pans") day crim. Yeah, I went all French on the last part.

Then Katie asked me what I ordered, so I announced it to the table. "Pots day crim." So sophisticated.

And that's when Paula said, "Do you mean "po" [as in Po Folks] de creme?"

Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

It was too funny to even think about being embarrassed.

Ha ha ha ha. What a hillbilly I am.

Ahhh, potato, potahto. Either way, the verdict? Deliciousness. Highly recommend.


Bowlby said...

Please. The rest of us didn't know it was pronounced that way either. We just didn't want to admit it so Paula would think we were sophisticated. Unlike you.

Robin said...

The first time I went to Olive Garden-with Katie-I ordered Pasta Fagioli and pronounced it fag-ioli.

I thought Katie would die laughing. How did she already know how to pronounce fa-shule?

Bowlby said...

Ha ha. I don't think I knew how to pronounce it. I just know it couldn't be FAGioli.