Monday, July 21, 2008

Hillbilly Game Night

So, SGI (St. George Island, Florida, for the uninitiated) isn't known for it's hoppin' night life, so we created our own fun.

Start with a bucket o' margaritas.

When said bucket is not given time to freeze properly, empty contents into smaller plastic cups and freeze individually. Who has 24 hours to wait? We don't plan that far ahead.

Start a serious game of Uno Attack. Go buy this game immediately.

(Notice, on the island, no makeup or grooming is necessary.)

And, just to show you how silly we got, I present the following. Warning: It's nasty.

See, my mom loves these Dollar Store gumballs, but they lose flavor fast. Of course, we've been trained to chew two or three for a few minutes, spit out, and repeat. I mean, you get, like 90 for a buck. This was news to my aunt and cousins, but they quickly joined in. And then so did the guys. We whittled down a pretty full Ziploc during the game. And this is our colorful discard pile. Don't laugh at me, either. Three of us took pictures. Whatever. It was late.


Bowlby said...

Your family always seems so sophisticated...

stephinbham said...

We're such good pretenders...

Behind closed doors, it all comes out.

Leah said...

I totally do that with gumballs. I bought several bags of them at economy candy before we left NYC. One morning I felt lightheaded because I had so many the night before. And I'm ordering some for the Harry Potter party!

p.s. In case this doesn't say, this was sent from my iPhone.