Monday, October 13, 2008

Insults and Creepy Compliments

Earlier today at an antiques store, an older lady started a conversation with me by asking, quite out of the blue, "Before I ask you something, are you pregnant?"

Okay, blink back the tears.

"Uh, no, ma'am, I'm not," I said with an artificial smile.

Well, as she went on to explain, she was trying to compliment my shirt and also tell me that her daughter has a similar one, and someone at the park asked when she was due. Ouch. Her point was that she thinks all the "new styles" are great because you can wear regular clothes while pregnant.

It was all very backhanded. Anyway.

Redemption came later, as I returned to my car in a Southside parking lot. A man in a gold Taurus slowed down as he cruised by to tell me that, hey, he loves my outfit.

Excellent. It's only slightly disconcerting to have strange men approach you in sketchy parking lots. I'll take it.


Summah said...

When I left my SL intern interview, I was pumping gas when a man told me "nice dress." FTR, it was a cute plaid strapless sundress :) I'll take em how I can get em.

Anonymous said...

She broke the cardinal rule of Southern women: Never, no never, ask someone if she is expecting! The way I see it, you looked fantastic and she was an idiot. : )

Andy said...

For what it's worth, I wore a black UGA shirt last week, and a Bama fan asked if we were going to black it out against the Vols. Had an Auburn fan been around, I'm sure they would have noted how good I looked.

Natalie said...

Been there, Steph. Been, there. Today a kid in my class asked me how old I was and another boy said, "Are you crazy? You never ask a woman how old she is." Ha!

stephinbham said...

You bet they would've, Andy! I'm riding around with my flags still up.

Ha ha. Nat, you need another blog to keep up with the funny stuff your students say.