Friday, December 18, 2009

Everybody who's anybody knows Leah

Leah stopped by today so we could exchange Christmas presents. She embroidered one of my favorite phrases on a T-shirt. Everyone who knows me well has heard me use it. Often. I have it on a sticker on my bulletin board:

And now I have it on my apparel. Behold:

Even her gift tag was hilarious. I need these:

And if you don't know Leah, well, then, too bad for you. Because included with my T-shirt were fudge and homemade sea salt caramels. Mmmm.

These are definitely going to cause a problem at my house.

Thanks, Leah!!


Leah said...

Wow, this is the nicest post! I'm embarrassed. Thank you.

Leah said...

Here's a link for the labels:

Robin said...

ever since I read that Leah was making sea salt caramel, I have been craving it. lucky girl.

Leah said...

Robin, maybe Katie saved you one. But the recipe is supereasy. You should make some!

Katie B. said...

Ha. None saved, mom. Sorry.

We're lucky to be friends with Leah. And if you wear your "cram it" shirt and I wear the "crunked up" shirt she made me, no one would mess with us. Not that people usually mess with us, but we could be sure.

The Bakers said...

That Leah. Once she made me a maternity t-shirt that said, "I'm the motherf***ing princess." I think she intended it to be worn just during my pregnancy, but I really consider it an wardrobe staple.

alphabravowhiskey said...

Hey! I see those photo booth shots!!!

Anonymous said...
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Stephanie said...

Leah, you totally outdid yourself!
Julia, that is priceless. I want to see you in that shirt!
Alphabravowhiskey, I LOVE a good photo booth. Took those in California last year.