Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Happiness Challenge: Days 10 & 11

Oops. I've had such a busy, wonderful weekend, I'm coming in just under the wire for Sunday and I missed yesterday altogether. I have a twofer today, and this is going to be quick. Come back tomorrow for a real happiness post. I'd love to say that I have something productive to achieve before bedtime tonight, but really I need to practice my sock bun and finish watching Desperate Housewives.

So, here you have it. One of my very favorite things in the whole world ever. I love it. Eat there probably four or five times a week.

Which brings us to this other love:

I realize this 31 Days of Happiness thing is turning into the Stephanie Freak Show (thanks, Bowlby!), but I don't think I can let March pass by without acknowledging my pickle problem. If I don't order a sandwich with extra pickles at Chick-fil-A, then I get nuggets and a pickle pack. Then I dip them in ketchup and eat them in about four seconds flat.

And I also drink pickle juice. Like, one time from a wine glass at Amy's. I was trying to pass it off as Chardonnay, but I think the cucumber seeds gave me away.

Anyway, thanks for hanging in with me. Your reward is this beautiful gif of Ryan Gosling … just being Ryan Gosling. Mmmm. Bonus! This makes three.


Jen said...

Do you realize that you've just aligned yourself with Snooki? She likes pickles and pickle juice as much as you, apparently. Seeing as how I hate pickles and pickle juice...even the smell of them...I'm not sure you'll consider me a friend anymore.

Amy Bickers said...

Mmm, Ryan Gosling is the yummiest thing in this post.

Tina said...

Clausens are my most favorite snack in the world. with some bread and butter dills on the side