Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Happiness Challenge: Day 3

To reward your patience for yesterday's media-heavy post—ahem, you did watch all of my awesome videos, right?—today's will be short and sweet.

Bugles. Bugles make me happy.

Everyone made Bugle fingers growing up, yes? Delicious. No one ever showed me how. It's like I was just born with that magical knowledge.

I had a system: I stuck the Bugles on my fingers, bit off the tips of all 10 chips, and then ate the remainders one at a time.

Mmmm. Bugles. It's a much happier Tuesday when the vending machine guy at work restocks them. Sometimes, if I time it just so, I can get a free bag.

That'll make you feel better about life right there. (Free Bugles, not Turk as a witch with Bugle fingers.)


Laurie Ann said...

Amazing. I haven't had bugles in atleast 17 years. Please grab an extra bag at the vending machine next time. We need to give bitty a bag and watch the natural magic happen as she is sure to make bugleisheesh nails. (be on the look out for a hey tell pronouncing my new coined word bugleisheesh)

lindsey & lewis said...

I once saw baked bugles...and they were GOOD.

Erin Street said...

YES! How about bugles and gas station champagne?

The Bakers said...

I know this is about bugles. But mmm, Turk. (His "Poison" dance is going to be one of your happiness posts, right?)