Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Happiness Challenge: Day 28

Yesterday the UGA Sports Communication office released some pictures of spring football practice. But these were no ordinary photos. My boyfriend was there.

That's my man there on the right. Yeah.

I believe I may have mentioned before that I am truly madly deeply in love with Hines Ward. (Get it? That's a reference to a song that was popular when he and I were in college together. Clever doth be my middle name.) And unless you just don't pay attention to the NFL at all, you know Hines retired last week after 14 seasons with the Steelers. You may also know that I said it would be my dream come true if he came back to Georgia to coach. Well, hello!

Hines and my hometown boy Crowell, who I hope won't play like a showboat pansy this year.

I know, I know. I'm sure he was just visiting. He's a loyal Dawg, one of the reasons I love him. (I mean, how good does he look in that red and black?!) And I assume he'll probably wind up on TV in some sort of analyst capacity. But then I saw this on Twitter.

Wooo! Cheers to my potential future happiness! Maybe Hines can teach me his happy dance.


Amy Bickers said...

That gif is fantastic!

Stephanie said...

It's really the greatest one I've ever found! Haha I can't stop watching it.