Friday, March 16, 2012

The Happiness Challenge: Day 16

Ahhh, imaginary boyfriends. Is there anything better? No, no, this isn't another Hines Ward post—he actually is my boyfriend, duh.

Hello, welcome to inside my head. It's so wonderful here. I'm happy and healthy and I eat peanut butter-and-chocolate ice cream every day and stay skinny and Georgia wins national championships. Join me, won't you? Can I get you something to drink, Kool-Aid maybe?

I have a few imaginary Hollywood boyfriends in my queue—Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, Adam Levine.

And Ryan Reynolds. Mercy.

Mmmm. You're welcome.

When I got home last night, roommate Val was already in her room, but a short while later I got a text alerting me that Ryan Reynolds was on Letterman, so I turned it on. Val and I were texting back and forth about how cute and funny and perfect Ryan is, but then? He started talking about pie. PIE! Hello? *I* just blogged about pie!

Then she sent me this photo, wishing me "Sweet dreams. Love, Ryan."

I do love my enablers friends.

Playing pretend is good for you, did you know that? I asked my pretend doctor, and he confirmed my suspicions. Living vicariously through your own psychotic dreamy thoughts unleashes happiness. Because in your pretend world, everything is perfect. Sit down. Put up your feet. Stay awhile.

Actually, real experts say that pretend play increases social, emotional, language, and thinking skills. I'm not making that up; read it here! (Yes I know this is about child's play, but aren't we all young at heart?)

"When your child engages in pretend (or dramatic) play, he is actively experimenting with the social and emotional roles of life."

Confirmed. I know my emotions are in a good, good place when I'm pretending to be Mrs. Ryan Reynolds.

Just because.

Happy Weekend!


Andie said...

hahahahah! I was the same way for the longest time over him. In fact, I wrote a letter to him at my blog when he married Scarlett whatsherface. ;) LOL

I was thisclose to meeting him in 2010, too, when he was filming Green Lantern here. He was filming parts of it in the courtyard of a friends condo complex and I totally skipped out to go home because I didn't think he'd be there and then he was. KICK MYSELF!!!