Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Happiness Challenge: Days 21 & 22

Oops! Sorry about the past two days. It's half Amy's fault, because she kept me out too late on our hot date last night, so I was too tired to post when I got home. And work was a little wild today, so wild that I came home and took a nap from 6:30 to nearly 9 (that's going to make sleeping tonight so FUN), and I just finished dinner at the odd hour of 9:30. All to say? This catch-up isn't going to be full of substance.

Without further transition: I love rainy nights. We're having one tonight, in fact. Thunderstorms are my absolute favorite, especially in the spring and summer. I like being inside on the couch with the blinds open while I listen to the storm outside. Thunderstorm sleep is the best you'll ever get.

If you think sunshine brings you happiness, then you haven't danced in the rain. —Unknown

You know what goes well with a rainy night? Bubble baths. I got super addicted to them my last two years of college, when I'd drag my boombox (heh) into the bathroom, light some candles, and listen to Delilah. I'd love to tell you I outgrew that, and while I now have an actual iTunes playlist for tub time, I still listen to the sappy songtress when I'm in the car. Alone. Because sometimes I cry, and I am an official No Sap Zone, so this cannot be witnessed by anyone else.

I'm a pro, so if you need candle, music, temperature, or wine tips, let me know. I will likely tell you to get some Zooey Deschanel on your tub tunes list, because I love her. You know she's in a band, right? She & Him.

I loved her in the unconventional 500 Days of Summer. Now I watch her in "New Girl." I hope you're watching too.

I especially love this episode because Dermot Mulroney guest stars, and he's hot. My Best Friend's Wedding, anyone? Yum.

One of the best lines from this episode comes from Zooey (Jess), when discussing the type of guys she dates: You know me. I'm only attracted to guys who are afraid of success and think someone famous stole their idea. I like an underdog.

I think I'll watch an episode on the DVR, take a bubble bath, and then go to sleep. See you on Day 23.


Jen said...

Ah! I was just thinking of writing a post about how much "New Girl" makes me happy. I love that show!!