Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuning OUT

I was at the post office the other day and, after turning down a sketchy [homeless?] man's request to fill out a form for him, I saw an older man coming in the door. He was probably in his late-seventies or eighties, and I noticed his hearing aids as he approached the mail slots.

But when he turned around to drop off his mail and I got a better look, I saw that grandpa didn't have any hearing aids. He was totally plugged in…to his iPod. His earbuds were tucked safely in his ears, and he had his iPod zipped up in his jacket pocket.

Rock. On.


Bowlby said...

That is AWESOME.

Bowlby said...

PS. Love the redesign!

amyb said...

Fantastic. I would love to know what he was listening to.

P.S. If you were on that reality show "True Beauty" the sketchy homeless man asking for help would have been a test. Uh oh. Vanessa Minello just kicked you off the show.