Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do you think my bags of ice will stay frozen?

I'm thinking they're safe in the car, where I forgot them and where I am not going to retrieve them.

Go ahead, all you beloved Yankee readers, and laugh at me. But look! The coldest it's been in six years! I can't even remember back that far. That means tomorrow and Friday are going to be colder than any day I can remember in my eight-and-a-half years in this city. And I don't even own a pair of gloves! BRRRRR.


Robin said...

I'm not laughing at you. cold is cold. Be careful that your pipes don't freeze.

stephinbham said...

Oh crap! How do I prevent that?!

PS The ice was still frozen this morning. More frozen, even, if that's possible.

Robin said...

keep your cabinet doors open (under the sink) if necessary, let your faucet drip a little. running water shouldn't freeze. I'm just thinking that your southern homes aren't prepared for 12 degrees.