Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Decorating Post

But not about me. US Weekly has this tremendously interesting *insert total dripping sarcasm here* article about the Obamas and their new interior decorator and his ideas. They end with this very useful tidbit. I think we can all take away a tip or two, right?

Although the family hasn't released many details about how they'll personalize their new home, the Post reports the Obamas' Chicago residence featured Asian and African art, glass-fronted bookcases and framed family photos.

Really? Really? Framed family photos? Oh, what a fantastically new and innovative idea. It must've been a slow news day. Because, seriously, that is not a "feature" of someone's home.

Why don't you just hold this story, US, till they are actually done redecorating, and then show us some photos. Now that I will be curious about. I love seeing interior shots of the White House! Anyone else hoping for a TV tour a la Jackie? I'm totally keeping my fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

I thought these were really cool:

- Cindy Hatcher (found your blog through FB! :-))