Friday, January 2, 2009

Fun With Finger Puppets

Brooke and I met Christopher for lunch last Wednesday before we headed out to Nashville. He gave us each a finger puppet for Christmas, a cat for BK and a bulldog for me. Look how much fun they had together. I named mine Georgia. No need to make fun of me.

The puppets enjoyed a bit of baby's breath at the table.
Then Georgia tried to whisper sweet nothings in the cat's ear. She wasn't having it.

And apparently Georgia enjoys the coffee at Urban Standard as much as I do.

They went to a lovely NYE dinner at South Street Kitchen. Sadly, the restaurant was out of nearly every dang thing on the menu.

We had to put them away after dinner because the puppets tried to sneak a drink at Loser's, and they are not 21. Then Georgia helped me drive home today. He kept a watch out for the cops.


Robin said...

you are a couple of nuts. thanks for the laugh.

Bowlby said...

I love that you're photographing your finger puppet while driving nearly 80 mph. Makes me feel quite safe!

stephinbham said...

Ha ha. The car was on cruise control! Anyway, I wouldn't have been doing that if I'd had your kid in the car. Just sayin.

Brooke said...

Good eye, Ma Bowlby!