Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby-Name Stealers

This needs to stop! I've read about two people recently who have rudely lifted my baby name. I'm gonna go ahead and post it right now, on this here blog, available for all the Internet world to see, and just keep my fingers crossed that I'm not encouraging anyone else to use MY name.


I love it.

Now stay away.

And don't touch Poppy either. I ain't playing. I will name my kid Poppy if given the chance. And I don't care how hard you laugh.

PS: I've come a long way from my third-grade girl-name choice: Elizabeth Bernice. Nothing wrong with that first name, no not at all. But…Bernice?


Anonymous said...

Uh Oh I know a third. My friend Lisa's baby is due next month and will be named Harper. Sorry. -- Marilyn

Stephanie said...

Dah! It's going to get TRENDY!! And then people won't know how original I am!

Katie B said...

I think Harper is tainted now because Lisa Marie named her baby that. Sorry.

Stephanie said...

I know. I'm very, very angry with LMP. She nasty.

Unknown said...

:) I just had a patient this past week who named their baby Harper. Funny.