Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not Impressed

I helped with a surprise party for Katie C. last night, and after dinner at Bottega Cafe, a dozen or so folks came by my condo for cupcakes. I made the Heath Bar Cake into cupcakes. Instead of buying a container of Cool-Whip, I went with the new spray can. So. not. impressed. It's not very firm, like regular Cool-Whip, and it was super runny, which made a mess. Albeit a delicious mess, it was a mess nonetheless. So, my suggestion is to stick with the tub.

PS: Happy Birthday, Katie!


Natalie said...

I, personally, love the Cool Whip in a can, we always have it in the refrigerator. Sorry you had such a poor experience. I haven't ever put it on top of cup cakes though... maybe that makes a difference.

Stephanie said...

The taste and the convenience were great! What wasn't working for me was how quickly it ran off my (cooled) cupcakes after I sprayed it on. I mean, immediately it started melting. Reddi-Wip does so much better. Oh well.