Friday, January 16, 2009

My Biggest Dream

I think, if I could choose anything in the world to do, I would own an independent bookstore. A small, You've Got Mail-style Shop Around the Corner. And, actually, I'm watching that movie now. Every time I do, I'm reminded of how much I love books. Love bookstores. Love the quiet. Love the smell. Love the order.

I especially love children's books. I've already started a collection for my not-yet-born bebes. (That makes me sound a little creepy.) Wait, let's be for real. That's what I say. What I mean is that I love to read children's books myself. I especially, especially love the Newbery and Caldecott winners. Who doesn't?

Anyway, the dream is kind of dumb, especially in this economy, but it's what I want. I would totally have kid's story time too. I'd have to host a book club. And I'd sell coffee, cause coffee goes in a bookstore. But I would serve it in real mugs on saucers, no paper cups. Oh, and I'd wear my glasses all the time too. Probably the red ones, just so I don't look too bookish. Girl's gotta protect her style, you know.

Ahhh, learning to embrace my inner nerd.


amyb said...

Oh my gosh, we are so on the same wavelength. Please let me work at your little independent bookstore. It would be the happiest place in the world. (And I love all the books from my childhood. I'm forcing them on my own children so I can reread them. Little House on the Prairie, Superfudge, Dancing Shoes...)

Lindsey said...

You should open a half priced books franchise-we need one here. It is a buyer and seller of used books with a coffee shop inside. And I'm actually being serious, google them and check out the concept.

Melissa said...

I love the store in that movie, too, Stephanie! It's definitely in my dream world. Her apartment, too. You make me want to watch it again and I'm sure I can't get it here, but I realize that it's best watched with my sister anyway. I have a feeling the three of us could have a very successful nostalgic movie marathon.