Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stephanie Went to Market

…and saw THIS MAN in a red fur coat!

Wish the picture was better, but how do you ask someone to pose for a photo you intend to share with the Internet because he looks so freakin' ridiculous? He had a man-bag and a glass of wine to go with his ensemble. And this whole voice…thing.


Robin said...

this man is definitely in touch with his inner diva.

Bowlby said...

Are you SURE this was a man? 100%?

stephinbham said...

110% I followed him around for a good while. And I had enough glimpses of his face and he was on the phone so I could tell, also, from his deepish voice.

Disturbing, yes? You really see it all at Market.

Natalie said...

huh. i have a hard time seeing the "man" part too... nice find Steph!