Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stephanie Went to Market

…and saw THIS MAN in a red fur coat!

Wish the picture was better, but how do you ask someone to pose for a photo you intend to share with the Internet because he looks so freakin' ridiculous? He had a man-bag and a glass of wine to go with his ensemble. And this whole voice…thing.


Robin said...

this man is definitely in touch with his inner diva.

Katie B said...

Are you SURE this was a man? 100%?

Stephanie said...

110% I followed him around for a good while. And I had enough glimpses of his face and he was on the phone so I could tell, also, from his deepish voice.

Disturbing, yes? You really see it all at Market.

Natalie said...

huh. i have a hard time seeing the "man" part too... nice find Steph!