Friday, January 2, 2009

The Month of Me

Thursday started the second annual Month of Me. This is what I deemed the month of January, beginning last year. January 2007 was uncharacteristically tough for me. I was sad, cried a lot for no reason, and just in general felt down in the dumps. I logged on to WebMD and self-diagnosed the winter blahs. (Doctors around the country are cringing now, I'm sure.) The misery magically dissipated in February, and I vowed to myself that I would remember in January 2008 that I was just coming down off the holiday high. To combat said withdrawal, last year I decided to look forward to January as a month where I would do things for myself. I refused to book myself with obligations seven days a week. I didn't do any crafts unless I wanted to. I read a lot of books. It was lovely.

And so here we are, January 2009, and I am so looking forward to this month. It's very freeing, not packing your calendar full for four glorious weeks. This year's Month of Me actually started in Nashville yesterday. We were out pretty late NYE, so we slept in Thursday morning. And then I did what I wanted to for the rest of the day, including:

1. Moved from bed to JLo's sofa. Drank coffee and watched tv in my pajamas.
2. Wore my pink sweater slippers to Chick-fil-A for "breakfast," which consisted of nuggets, fries, and sweet tea because it was lunchtime.
3. Went back to the sofa, took intermittent naps till Georgia's bowl game.
4. Watched game, napped during halftime.
5. Took another nap.
6. Refused to form an opinion about dinner.

See? It's awesome. Today, after I got home, I piddled around the condo, then decided I deserved a bubble bath. So I took one. Which explains why I'm sitting here on a Friday night, damp curls piled on top of my head with a big plastic clip, blogging. Because I want to. I'll keep you posted on my other just-for-me activities. I will have to take 7.5-hour breaks five days a week to go to work. I can't have it all.


Natalie said...

Sounds fantastic... nice work!

Leah said...

Doctors do cringe when people self-diagnose from the the guy who walked in the ER and said he had radiation poisoning and so officials shut down Hwy 31 and it turned out he just had a rash and a fever and then looked on the Internet.

But a month of Me sounds awesome. I'm kind of doing that now that the holidays are over...I'm doing projects around the house that I've wanted to do. Except take down the gossamer. Boo.

Unknown said...

Aha, so you admit it was lunchtime! I told yall we didn't get another mid-day meal!

Stephanie said...

Ha ha, I know, but I was HUUUUNGRY!