Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where I sleep

So, here's my room. (For those of you who have been to the former apartment, it really isn't much different. Although a few things have changed ;) ha.) Not done, obviously, but in better shape than it's ever been. I think I've finally chosen a color but haven't started the painting. That big ol' Dr. Seuss chair was an obstacle, but I like the arrangement now. Sorry I didn't remove the robe or clean off my nightstand, ha ha. It pretty much always looks like that. I'm working on something for above the bed. I have some plates I want there, but I also want to mix in some vintage-print fashion posters that I've found. One day at a time.

*The green-and-black silk pillows on the bed came from the most awesome store somewhere around downtown Nashville. I'm so mad that I absolutely can NOT remember the name of it. I'm going to Nashville with Amy this weekend and I really would like to hit that store again!


amyb said...

Do you post photos like this to make me crazy? I will be at your condo within the hour to paint. haha OK, not really, but the sight of those unfinished walls turns me into Monica Gellar.
P.S. I hope you remember the name of that store in Nashville!

stephinbham said...

Ha ha. I know, I know. I kind of suck. I know it won't be that bad once I get going, it's the getting going that kills me. I'm going to book you for a weekend soon!

I know. I HOPE my grandmother remembers it. Or maybe I can explore when you're out with HSBF Saturday, wearing your skirt ;)

Leah said...

It makes me feel like Monica Gellar too. Let me know what weekend to bring my paintbrush!

Leah said...

I just realized that this was a cry for help.

stephinbham said...

Leah, ha ha, I swear it wasn't! Or maybe it is and I don't even know it.