Friday, March 13, 2009

Milk's favorite cookie

I'm sure that after I make this confession there will be audible gasps.

I really only like to eat half of an Oreo.

But wait! Redemption! It's the half with the filling!

I've tried them dunked in milk, of course, and they are tasty. But after a few cookies fell apart in the package and I ate the halves separately, I discovered that one-half cookie + cream filling = just the right ratio for me.

And sometimes—hold onto your seats—I intentionally break my Oreos apart, eat the side I like, and throw away the plain cookie half.

That's right. I waste Oreos. God's special gift to me, and I just throw 50% of the package away.

And, just so you don't think I'm totally nuts I'll tell you that I always eat them with a tall glass of milk.

See? I'm not totally weird. Although sometimes (okay, often) I pour the milk into a Champagne glass.

So. Yeah. I'm totally weird.

How do you take your Oreos?


Leah said...

I dunk them in milk—three seconds is the perfect amount of time. But I can't drink the milk that I've dunked Oreos in because of the crumbs. (I also don't drink the milk out of my cereal bowl.) So I need a fresh glass of milk to drink with the Oreos in addition to the one I'm dunking in. So how's this for weird?

The Bakers said...

I eat the icing, then dunk the halves in milk one at a time. And, like Leah, I have one glass of milk for dunking, one for drinking. The milk must also have ice in it, of course.

Mom said...

Confession...when I was at my Mom's house this summer with my sisters and we were on the lake in the boat, I ate at least a half dozen 1/2 oreos and threw the other half in the lake when no one was looking. Don't tell. You got this trait from me and didn't even know it!

Natalie said...

Is there a wrong way to eat an Oreo cookie? I don't think so.

Leah said...

Now there are some fish who are waiting for more Oreos. That's so funny!

I am not surprised that Julia would have two glasses of milk. It's a texture issue.

Bowlby said...

I twist them and then dunk each half. (I'd rather not eat the non-icing half, but I begrudgingly do.) And then I drink the milk, crumbs and all.

Anonymous said...

I knew I loved you for more than the obvious reasons! I hate to admit this, but I really don't like Oreos and I hate, hate milk. When I do eat them, I twist them apart and eat only the half with the good stuff.

stephinbham said...

Mom! I had no idea. We're so cool.

The rest of you are just…weird.