Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mushy Post Alert

I'm going to need this song performed at my wedding. Bonus points (for me) if I'm actually marrying Joshua Radin. I've been doodling our names together in my diary.

Ha ha. No I haven't. I don't have a diary.

I met Joshua Radin (I like to use his full name) a few weeks ago at his concert at WorkPlay. He totally hung out after his show, taking pictures, signing CDs, and chatting. He hugged me when we met. Okay, well he hugged all the girls, but my hug was extra tight. Then he winked at me when he signed my CD. Or maybe he had a twitch. I nearly fainted. I mean, a super cute guy who sings? Swoon. Oh yeah, he's funny too.


Robin said...

Does Kenny know this??

stephinbham said...

Kenny needs to step it up. I think a little competition will be good for him.

Boy. I have a thing for the music men.

Summah said...
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Summah said...

Good grief, it's difficult to do anything.

Josh was really sweet when we met him back in July. I told you about that didn't I? Here's one of our pictures:

Try not to get distracted by my arm fat...hard as it may be.

stephinbham said...

No, Summer! You did NOT tell me this. Wow. I am so totally jealous. I didn't notice any arm fat. I was too busy looking at the seductive face and at your hand placed strategically on my boyfriend's chest.