Monday, March 16, 2009

Someone missed the memo

Don't they know that the economy sucks? And, also, if this is such a great deal, why do I keep getting notices. Over and over again. Urging me to participate. Before all the spaces sell out. For the past three years, they've been just-about-to-sell-out. Hmm. Seems like TailGAte Station isn't doing that well. Even though the $4,500 savings is tempting, I think we'll pass this year.

PS: We usually get free parking in a spot much closer to the stadium. Even though the walk back is usually all uphill (inevitable in Athens) and my Dad's legs are 3 feet longer than mine. Whatever. Then I don't feel bad when I eatza all the pizza after the game.

Wow. That was cheesy.

Get it? Ha. Cheesy. I'll stop now.