Monday, March 2, 2009

I need to show you something

My hair is darker than it's been in, I dunno, several years. You probably can't tell but I totally can. That's why I'm pointing it out here. Plus, in order to take this picture, I could justify a few more minutes on Photo Booth. My inspiration was the March Allure cover with Julia Roberts. I'm liking it, may even go a little darker next go-round. My hairdresser, Tavia, didn't go quite that honey-and-caramel this time because she didn't want me "to run out crying."

In the long run I figure this will be more economical. I mean, get real. I'm not going to stop getting my hair colored, but when it's darker I can go a little longer in between touch-ups. And now that my hair is longer, I don't need maintenance cuts as often. Who says I'm not fiscally responsible? Psshh.

Next up: How do I get her lips?


The Bakers said...

I can't tell about the color, but it is way longer than when I saw you last. Will you post a regular picture (you know, showing your face) so those of us far away can see the cut?

stephinbham said...

I'll post one tomorrow. There's not much of a cut to it, it's just getting long. I wear it back a lot. I'm feeling a bit narcissistic, what with all these head shots of myself.

The Bakers said...

Oh, post the photo. What's the point in having a blog if you're not going to be narcissistic?