Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is why you don't go to Publix hungry

Look what I did.

I was strong, bypassed the Oreos. But the Danish Wedding Cookies jumped right into my buggy. I had three as an appetizer tonight.

Ditto for those Totino's pizzas. How nasty are those things? I love them. And I usually enjoy my pizza with a handful of Goldfish.

That cereal? I NEVER buy it at Publix because it's more than a dollar over Wal-mart's price. But I should own stock in Post Selects cereal. I can put away a box of Cranberry Almond Crunch. Seven servings per box? Yeah right. It'll be gone Friday.

I threw the celery in to show you I'm not a total loss. Although I eat that covered in peanut butter. And the pretzels? Well those get a healthy scoop of hummus.

And…that Viennetta. What can I say? Good marketing. I mean it promises "A Dessert Experience." And Publix didn't have the right kind of Dove miniature ice-cream bars. I was powerless.

I'll probably put some of that whipped cream on my dessert experience. I allow myself a little Redi-Wip on my first—and only first—cup of coffee. But Publix has been out of fat-free Redi-Wip for weeks now, so I had to get the store brand light kind. It's just…eh. It'll do though.


Leah said...

We love those crappy pizzas. They're definitely a guilty pleasure.