Thursday, March 12, 2009

And they call this fun

Look what my "friends" roped me into today. Actually, it didn't take too much persuasion, although my hands immediately started sweating. (Okay, y'all know about me and the hand-sweating, yeah?) Anyway, believe it or not, this is for work (I won't give anything else away), and I'm pretty excited about the zip line. My dad has actually done this, at this exact place, and he seemed pretty confident in the safety (and fun!) of it all. I'm mainly terrified of those bridges. I'm probably going to wear a Depends. TMI? Ahh, cram it. YOU aren't doing it.


amyb said...

I looked at the Web site and watched the video. Yikes. Here's my strategy: Don't think about it too much before we go. You're not the only one with sweaty hands. I might seem like an adventurer for watching that video freaked me out!!!!