Monday, March 9, 2009

I found a way to make extra cash

Got this email offer from my friend Jam the other day. I should totally do it, right? I mean, it's so me.

Jam's Crunk Fitness
Instructor Certification Workshop
Jam's Crunk Fitness
Get paid for doing something you LOVE...
on your own schedule

Okay, we're not friends. I went to one hip-hop dance class that she sponsored (failed miserably) and wound up on her email list. But make no mistake. I can straight up get crunked (crunk?). Whatever. I can. And who doesn't want to be highly popular with Crunk 'n' Sexy Six-Pack Abs, hmm?


Brooke said...

bahahahahahahaaa!! Jam is so awesome.

Bowlby said...

Isn't this the class you punked out of? I'm thinking you might reconsider.

Natalie said...

And considering your mad coordination skills...

stephinbham said...

Hey! I gave it my best shot. Unfortunately, it still was unacceptable. Ha ha ha.

Brooke, I think we have found your new Bama job. Come on home.

Nat, are you getting sarcastic up on here?!