Friday, March 14, 2008

Sleeping In

I have never in my life forgotten to change the clocks. Ever. I have a great track record. But last weekend, my streak was abruptly broken. We had every intention of going to church, so I set my alarm clock Saturday night and had sweet dreams.

Sometime around 7 or so (which was actually 8 or so), Sean got up to go watch some Tivo from the couch because he "couldn't sleep." That's code for "my lovely lady of a wife was snoring." What? Oh, please. You probably do too.

About 8:54 he comes running into the room to tell me I've overslept, but then he sees my alarm clock and says, "Oh, I must've read the clock on the TV wrong. Sorry." I huffed and puffed and indignantly rolled out of bed five minutes early, and got in the shower.

Just as I got out, Sean started banging on the door and announced that we weren't going. Because church started in 10 minutes. Even then it took me a few minutes to get it. Oops.


Leah said...

It crept up on me this year too, mainly because it came earlier this year. Heinz worked that night so he only had to work 11 hours instead of 12. Whoo hoo!

stephinbham said...

Hey, I never thought about that! Cool.