Monday, March 17, 2008


Last night I was folding tons of laundry, and I went to shake a T-shirt straight before I folded it. I gave it a big snap in the air, and, next thing I know, something bounced off my head and fell behind me. I screamed, I ducked. I ran my hands through my head to make sure it was out. I grabbed my shoe and spun around, ready to squash the snake. Or mouse. Or roach.

But all I saw was an errant sock that had somehow lodged itself inside the T-shirt until I so rudely shook it out.

And then I died of embarrassment.


Summah said...

I'd rather freak out for no good reason than be scared by a creepy crawly and not have freaked out at all.
You know?

Summah said...

Also, after reading the title of your blog, I half-expected it to be a duck that you shook out.

stephinbham said...

Right? I was a little disappointed myself.