Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coffee Pot Circus

Last night I went to church for our first-ever live CD and DVD recording. I was by myself and I was sleepy, so I stopped off at the free Starbucks coffee line. So let me set this up for you. We have a cafe in our church that sells specialty drinks and snacks, but there are several coffee stations in the lobby set up with free coffee, condiments, and mints. There's a thermos of decaf and regular, so, theoretically, each station can accommodate a double line, but once you get to the front you may find yourself in front of decaf when you really need the good stuff.


I get in line behind several people last night, and then a man walks up beside me. He kind of edges in front of me, but then he asks if I'm in line. I don't know why I would be standing so close to someone else in a line waiting for coffee if I didn't actually intend to get some coffee, but whatevs. "Yes, I am," I replied. He backed off and got in line sort of beside me and sort of behind me.

And then. This woman runs up and gets in line, like, right up on me. Beside me. Not behind me. And I felt pushed. I didn't like it. I wanted to give her a good elbow in the side and be all, "Back off, lady," but then my brain went all WWJD on me, and I felt bad about throwing jabs in the house of the Lord, so I just stood my ground. Although, teeeechnically, I wasn't yet in the house of the Lord. Just in the lobby.

Okay, so it comes my turn, and this woman is still all up on me, and I felt rushed. I mean, I know she just wanted a refill, but a coffee-and-cream refill takes the same amount of time as a coffee-and-cream first cup. Right, moving on. I quickly fixed my coffee—and, may I add, I did NOT get enough cream in my cup and therefore was stuck with bitter coffee because of said rushed feeling—and then I noticed the man from before. He was waiting on me, too, because he obviously didn't want decaf. And before that man could take his turn after me, and while I was still stirring and getting a lid and a mint, that pushy woman reached in and refilled her cup. I almost growled at her, seriously.

It's a good thing we did record a live CD last night, because church lasted two hours, and I needed that time to allow Jesus to settle me down. Free coffee. It brings out the worst in people.


Bowlby said...

In my opinion, it's probably not okay to elbow people in the lobby of the Lord either. Wal-mart? Yes. Church property? Not so much.

stephinbham said...

Gah. I guess.

Monique said...

:) That is too funny. Jer always gets coffee for both of us, and sometimes I watch the people in line behind him get a little frustrated...because he is fixing grates on my nerves when someone stands too close while in line ANYWHERE, :)

Hope you are doing well. Hey have you ever done a sips and strokes???? I want to go sometimes in Nov....let's set a want to????

stephinbham said...

Ahhh, Monique, I know EXACTLY what you mean! lol.

YES! I've been once and I LOVE it. Check out the November calendar for the 280 location—there's some cute, cute Christmas stuff. What do you think? Email me. sgmims at gmail dot com. (Just want to avoid the spammers.)