Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Subtle Hint?

Sean and I attend a weekly small group on Tuesday nights. It's a lot of young couples, and during the summer we're working through a DVD/study guide about marriage. The focus of the first two sessions has been about the desires that individuals bring into marriage, and how resentment can build up when these desires turn into expectations that aren't met. We were discussing this last night when the subject came up of thanking your spouse for things he or she does that you don't even think about. Sean spoke up about his laundry, how he never really gives much thought to it, he just always has clean clothes and fresh towels--neatly folded too. This isn't something he expects, it just happens, but he doesn't necessarily wake up each morning and say, "Wow, Steph, thanks for folding my T-shirts." While everyone is nodding in approval, no doubt thinking how sweet Sean is to call out my laundry efficiency, my only thought is of the mountain of clean clothes that has taken up permanent residence on the spare bed. Is this a hint? He swears no.


Robin said...

I don't know Sean, but if he is like most other husbands he doesn't even know that the clothes on the spare bed aren't supposed to be there-if he even noticed them at all.

At that moment, he realized that his clothes just don't magically appear clean and folded in his drawer and that he has you to thank for it.

I need to get my hands on that dvd.....

Leah said...

I wash and fold Heinz's clothes, but I don't put them away. So sometimes they sit in a laundry basket for a month. He honestly might not even realize they're there.