Thursday, September 4, 2008

Didn't Last Long

Conversation at the microwave between my-friend-Katie and I.

KB: You going to the game this weekend?
SG: Yeah, but it's just Central Michigan. We just want to hear them announce the #1 Georgia Bulldogs before we get beat.
KB: You're not #1.
SG: [clearly shocked] No? What...?
KB: USC played VA, and they beat them pretty good. New rankings came out.
SG: Oh.

Some fan I am!!! I didn't even check! I just assumed. But you know what they say about people who assume...


Bowlby said...

Oh, now that just makes me sound mean! I wasn't trying to knock you down a peg. I was just hoping to spare you the indignity of "someone else" correcting you.

Plus, USC doesn't play this weekend, so you could take the #1 spot again.

stephinbham said...

No, no. You weren't mean. I appreciate that it was you who corrected me. I'm just. Shocked. A little ashamed of myself.

Natalie said...

And here I thought you were a die hard. Die hards would know that kind of thing. And to make matters worse, a YANKEE corrected you. Is Katie still considered a yankee?

Mom said...

I'm gonna really make you feel bad...I knew already. I saw it in our newspaper. I didn't even think about telling you because I just knew you would already know. Next time I won't assume!