Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ambien, Take 2

Last night I dreamed that my baby overdosed on Ambien.


Rushing to get this baby to the hospital, I ran up to a nurse and yelled, "My baby OD'd on Ambien!" The nurse was all, "What? Your baby OD'd on Ambien? Ma'am how did that happen?" And I got all indignant, like, how dare you insinuate that this is MY fault, and then I screamed back, "I don't know! It doesn't matter, my baby needs help!"

And then it turned out that my "baby" was this pudgy 12-year-old kid who just had ADD.

Analysis? Who wants to attempt this?

Note: I didn't even take any Ambien last night.


Natalie said...

Crackin' me up. I can offer no analysis, but I have crazy dreams like that all the time. You're clearly feeling irresponsible about something. Maybe the fact that you didn't take your medication last night? Maybe you have ADD which is causing you to have trouble sleeping? Huh. I guess I can offer analysis. Look at that.

stephinbham said...

You should be a professional!

Bowlby said...

Remind me NOT to let you babysit.

stephinbham said...

Aww, man, Bowlby. I wouldn't let Luke get into my stash. Although, I guess he almost did today, huh?!

Leah said...

I heard a squirrel on the roof last night and thought it was a rat upstairs...I was freaking out because what if I had a baby and that rat was up there?

Oh, and I was awake! I couldn't go back to sleep for two hours because I was worried about this hypothetical baby.

Leah said...

And I don't think that anyone with ADD could be a copy editor. It's too tedious.

amyb said...

Leah, before you have a baby you have to get two dogs and name them Lady and Tramp. In the movie they save John Dear and Darling's baby from a big ol' rat in the nursery. Oh, and you have to get lots of Disney movies and watch them endlessly. Those What to Expect books don't really cover that part.