Thursday, September 4, 2008

Breaking the Rules

So yesterday I did something that I've never—EVER—done before. Like, not ever in my LIFE. All 30 years.

I wore white. After Labor Day.

White jeans, y'all. Out in public. To work.

I am about to cry. I am still sort of ashamed.

My mother instilled that rule in our heads from early on. Shiny white, patent leather shoes were bought for Easter and not to be worn a day before. And come the Sunday before Labor Day? Well, you had 12 hours to enjoy those shoes. And those white dresses. And white pants and shirts. Because they were about to get packed away with the summer stuff for a good seven to eight months. No exceptions.

I mean, I didn't even disobey this rule in college. I was so sure someone would point at me. Laugh. And whisper. That uncouth Southern girl. Doesn't she own anything cream?

I never grasped the concept of winter white. It looked as white as summer white to me, and how would people be able to tell the difference?

Through the years, the rules have changed. Relaxed a little. But me? I just. could. not. would. not. do. it. Even when friends who own fashion-forward boutiques said it was okay. White was acceptable year-round. Especially white jeans. No way. Even my mom said it was alright. I wouldn't cave.

Until yesterday. I got a new pair of white jeans for my birthday. And I wore them on September 3. It felt kind of good to wear them, actually. Daring. Risky. And I intend to do it again. Probably all winter long.


Catherine and Brooke said...

Steph, I did something much worse than the white jeans. I actually wore white LINEN pants to work on Tuesday! Now, they weren't the wrinkled look linen, but still. Pretty bad. I just didn't feel like digging through the closet! Maybe that'll make you feel better about the jeans! :)

Leah said...

It's still hot anyway. Plus, it's not officially fall until Sept. 22.

I don't think that these rules are all that important anymore.

Mom said...

Way to go! The new you...I am proud of you. Glad you stepped out since you would have only enjoyed those jeans for a week before you would have packed them up.

Hudlow Family said...

You go girl. I still haven't caved, but have had my eye on a pair of pretty winter white slacks for the past two years. Maybe this will be my year too.

Summah said...

Apparently isn't just instilled in every little girl...a week before Labor Day, Jonathan informed me that I had only a week left to wear my white and blue seersucker dress.

My BF is so with-it.