Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm a California Girl

What can I say? It agrees with me. I spent a few days on the West Coast last week. I'm annoyed with the slowness of, so how about one big long post? I even included links!


Had a hard time getting to San Francisco—flight left B'ham late and I got stuck in Houston for a good five hours. But I made it to California in time for a 1 a.m. dinner at In-N-Out. Brooke ordered our burgers animal-style (from the secret menu). Delish and messy. Be glad I don't have photos of that. Here's a logo instead.


First stop: Napa. We met up with the Bakers and the Bowlbys for a little lunch and wine tasting.

Then on to dinner at the wonderful Cole's Chop House, where Brooke and I sat in the exact same spot as last year. We even posed the same. We're nothing if not consistent.

You might remember that I spotted a serial killer at Cole's last year. Click here. This year a man offered up his cottage for us to spend the night. He stressed that he's happily married with kids—back in Texas. He just hated to see us drinking and driving home. (Because one glass of wine with a big steak will make you oh-so-loopy.) Yes, of course, this doesn't seem like a bad idea at all. We declined his offer.


On to San Francisco. We tasted Irish coffee at the famous Buena Vista.

And then walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.

We went down the secret Seward Street slides and got yelled at by an old lady who lives nearby. She asked us if we could read the sign that said, "No adults unless accompanied by children." I guess she could tell we were thinking about saying that we couldn't, because she followed that with, "I know you can." We ignored her and slid down one more time. No one can tell me what to do. I'm 30.

Then on to Lime for dinner. We took pics of our delicious tiny food just for Bowlby.

It's a shame that we were too full to finish dessert.

Save your breath. Yes, we styled the shots. And, yes, we're dorks.


We stayed in Palo Alto Monday and spent some time with Julia and the bebe. Lots of fun. Oh, and I needed to secure a new profile pic for Facebook.

We were worn out after such a tough day, so we headed over to Happy Feet for an hour-long massage. Best $25 I ever spent. It wasn't sketchy at all, although I'm glad Brooke warned me about the butt rub. We ended the night with a great tapas dinner at Iberia. Yum.


Because you've been so patient, here's a slideshow from the day we spent in Santa Cruz at the boardwalk. We played old arcade games, air hockey, skee-ball; rode fair rides; and ate carnival food. It was everything I was hoping for, and we even found a photo booth! (Roll your mouse over the images for captions.)

It was the perfect trip! Thanks, Brooke!! Even the unplanned 4-hour layover in Cleveland on the way back was worth it!


The Bakers said...

Great post, though had I known I was going to be on the blog, I would have at least put on some lipstick. I guess I'm turning into a San Franciscan faster than expected. You will too, when you move out here...

Bowlby said...

I had an updo for the event, so I'd say lipstick would be the least you could do.
Great pictures. I'm glad you decided to share!

stephinbham said...

Now girls. Enough sniping. You both look lovely.

Leah said...

This looks like a fabulous trip.

Bowlby said...

By the way, I appreciated the food photos. Especially the ice cream sandwiches. Drool.

Leah said...

I've read a lot about In-N-Out Burger at People. Apparently even the stars love them.

Summah said...

Wait, wait. Did Julia move to California too? Was KB visiting, or is there a mass exodus of the SL copy desk to the west?

stephinbham said...

Oh, Summer, we're dropping like flies. Julia and Brooke live there, and Katie was visiting. But now I'm going to move there too. And Tara is in Stockton, CA. And Cindy ran away to Texas. So, yeah, everyone's heading west.