Friday, August 1, 2008

Annoyance #998

When people have peeling stickers on their cars, especially those from colleges. People, it costs $1.49 to replace them. The economy isn't that bad. Can I get an amen?
(You probably can't tell here, but this sticker has some major peel going on. Taken in line at Starbucks in Montgomery last night.)


Bowlby said...

Know what annoys me more than that? Old presidential election stickers. I don't even mean ones for the 2008 election (even though the chances of Giuliani winning are very, very slim). I'm talking OLD election stickers. I recently saw one for Bush/QUAYLE. If that sticker were a person, it would be old enough to drive.

stephinbham said...

OH yeah, that's way worse for sure. I hate that too!

Robin said...

That was really the 998th annoyance? Wow.

You need to stop the 1000th guy and give him a prize. Wouldn't that be funny? Balloons, big, giant check. Cameras.